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  • Support all web browsers to Download YouTube to MP3 & MP4

    This youtubetomp4 solution is available for all popular web browsers. You are free to choose anyone from Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox and others to open it to solve how to convert YouTube to mp4. This YouTube to MP4 converter supports video downloads from 1000+websites, including a number of popular video streaming sites and social media platforms. In a word, the most frequently visited websites are surely listed in our supported sites. There is almost no limit to your video downloads here.

  • Easy to use with three steps

    Only three steps: firstly, paste a YouTube video link in the input box; secondly, click DOWNLOAD; thirdly, choose a FORMAT and RESOLUTION you want to download. Three simple steps are enough for a video download here. This solution to how to convert YouTube to mp4 helps you to download YouTube videos mp4 and is absolutely easy to use for any person. This YouTube converter is developed for each of you to save YouTube to MP3 for offline viewing and sharing. A totally free and reliable method is out there. Then what are you waiting for?

  • Free Online YouTube Converter

    A brand-new self-developed algorithm powers this YouTube to MP4 converter to freely download and convert YouTube audiovisual contents to MP3, MP4 and other formats that your target device states for playback. Besides, this online site supports you to download videos to MP3/MP4 from more than 1000 sites, covering almost all of your frequently visited sites, such as Vevo, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, Dailymotion, you name it. We are also striving to offer you more practical and interesting services here.

  • Fast speed in YouTube download

    This solution to youtubetomp4 only takes a song’s time to download several YouTube clips with different resolutions you may choose for different needs. This YouTube to MP4 converter is one of your best choices to download any YouTube files because its download speed is as fast as you can imagine. On top of that, this YouTube converter also makes it possible to download YouTube to MP3 without much sound quality loss. You can feel free to download videos to MP3 or MP4 as many as you like through YouTuFab.

  • Different resolutions to choose with Youtube Converter MP4

    Designed to solve how to convert YouTube into mp4, this YouTube to MP4 converter is such a kind of audiovisual download tool focusing on providing free services and excellent quality for users. The download page, at present, shows you four resolutions for each supported format, even supporting HD and UHD options. You are always allowed to download a video in its highest possible resolution. This YouTube downloader mp4 is the best and fastest way to get YouTube videos onto your computer or phone for offline watching.

  • No plugin or software involved

    How to convert YouTube into mp4? You can use this YouTube downloader mp4 product to download any YouTube files to the supported format with different resolutions to choose. So you don’t need to install any plugin or software to seek for another tech support. You don’t even need to switch to a specific web browser for video downloads since we support many web browsers, including Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE, etc. You may find video downloads quite easy when you use this YouTube to WAV to save videos to your device.

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  • YouTuFab Music Downloader

About YouTuFab

MP3 & MP4 are a file format that adapts to music players, portable devices and computers. This YouTube to MP4 converter can help you download YouTube videos mp4 and convert YouTube audiovisual contents to MP3 & MP4 from a number of websites, as many as 1000+ sites. We don’t even put a single limit to your video downloads here so that you can fully enjoy the service we provide here. We are always dedicated to making this converter YouTube as easy and as fast as possible to shorten your waiting time, and keeping high quality in output and diversity in resolution.

Our team is committed to quality, innovation, impact, and professionalism. Each member of our team also brings a deep dedication and passion to improve this YouTube to MP4 converter constantly. Our collective energy and experience enable you to download YouTube files freely for offline enjoyment.

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Q: Do you limit the number of files I download and convert?

A: Our product to answer how do I convert YouTube to mp4 is free of charge and there’s no limit on the number of files you download and convert. It means that you can download videos to MP3/MP4 as many as you like through this YouTube converter. However, you’d better make sure your internet is pretty good before you download a large number of videos here.

Q: How long will I spend in downloading and converting a YouTube video/audio?

A: It has been tested and approved for many times that the downloading and conversion speed this YouTube converter download tool provides to solve how do I convert YouTube to mp4 is one of the fastest. However, the specific duration may differ based on the length of the original YouTube sources. To give you an idea, a six-minute YouTube video costs a few seconds to download.

Q: What audio/video formats does this YouTube converter support?

A: Please copy a YouTube URL into the input field, click DOWN ARROW, and you will see all formats this YouTube converter mp4 format supports. To be brief, we support the most popular audio/video formats in this converter YouTube, like MP3, MP4. If you want more formats available here, please let us know. This YouTube converter is always working to serve you better.

Q: Can you download YouTube files with copyright protection?

A: No, we definitively can’t. This YouTube converter mp4 format respects the copyright of all works, and we ask our users to do the same. Any actions are not allowed that infringe on the rights of copyright owners. We will block all the copyrighted contents from displaying in the search results of this YouTube converter shark. You are absolutely not allowed to use these videos for making a profit. We are completely in line with Google policy and everyone is supposed to obey it in any case.

Q: Is this Youtube Converter MP4 available on a smartphone or tablet?

A: This YouTube Converter MP4 is available on both smartphones and tablets. It’s a free online service that you can access in your web browsers, so this YouTube converter download tool is usable on any device connected to the Internet. You don’t need a specific device or a specific browser. We are always working to make your video downloads here easier and faster.

Q: Do you have our download and conversion histories?

A: Sorry, we don’t. This YouTube Converter MP4 doesn't keep any download and conversion histories of our users and you are totally anonymous in this YouTube converter shark. We totally respect your privacy jus the same as yourselves. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your privacy.

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