Higher Power - Evk Lyrics

These demons of got hold of me. cos i want the higher power
i'm a falling star falling angels, pray to god please save me
The worlds a motherfuckin devil getting attached to life
shes a bitch, I got bit twice, cut ma wrists with a knife
My blood spills blue
A man that's conscious just cos I'm true
Life struggle imagine what i been through
My love turns to pain
Pain to anger, with so much hate feeling so strong
Got a big heart ready to fight, but i don't want to do wrong
Ready to love ready to give
they see my kindness as weakness.
My actions are extreme I leave u speechless
Ghandi, Martin luther, Tupac, Jesus living through me

High Power

But look at the evil you do to your fellow man
You the heart breaker because your heartbroken
eye for eye, the worlds almost blind
Your quick to point your finger at Illuminati, governments
or someone else
Blaming Rihanna cos your baby daughter singing rudeboi
So we selling our souls cos we fail to act
It's the animal kingdom where fears stronger then love
Bringing out the animal in man what happened to mankind
Busy distracted by the drugs and alcohol is this is what we find
and the kids are ruthless and hungry
Religion used to control and divide

Higher Power

Higher power, its your will you take it or will you cower
For the money and fame we sell our souls to a machine that delivers lead showers
Killing thousands daily. cos we addicted to pleasure
But we fail to see the cost of living, and here we
sin to win,
bank balance
life a game whose got the highest score
a consumer life that motivates wars
why do we have to be so evil to live
but it seem to hurt to give,
why do we have to take to gain
now use your brain
so what is money
its a measurement of the power
just a tool to control what,
the fear inside us
because we forgot.....
Are we ruled by love or do we rule by fear
You want a change, revolution, start with evolution of your self

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