How to Solve HBO Max Not Working?

Victoria| 2022-07-04

HBO Max is flat-out the best way to get HBO content as it gives you everything in HBO’s regular catalog with its originals and movies. Early HBO had a specified catalog with its original content known as HBO Go, but now they have updated and offered different TV shows, movies, and seasons to give a better experience to their user.

Unfortunately, HBO suffers from different bugs and glitches, which can be annoying, especially when you're having a movie night and HBO is showing various errors notification instead of movies. Sometimes HBO servers can be down or a problem from your end, like a connection lost or ping drop. Sometimes your smart tv freezes the app in the background, or your smart tv is no longer supports the current version of the app.

This guide will tell you about other common issues with HBO max and how to solve; why is my HBO max not working. We will also discuss why HBO max is not working on Roku TV properly and also why HBO max is not working on Samsung TV.

7 Ways to Solve HBO Max Not Working

Why is HBO max not working or why is HBO Max TV sign in not working? This problem can occur any time on the platform while watching a movie or browsing a catalog. Usually, this problem occurs when you have a slow or unstable internet connection.

However, it is also possible that the HBO max's servers are experiencing a technical issue, or your version has an underlying problem. To help you (how to solve HBO max not working), we have created a simple, easy solutions guide for watching your favorite shows like "We Own This City" on HBO.

Check the Servers

If you find your HBO not working; check HBO max servers before making changes to your end. Checking the servers is the first thing you should check is when you encounter HBO max not working or any other error messages on HBO max. As its servers are an online platform, HBO max relies on its special servers to keep streaming and library alive and accessible to all users. Check the status of HBO servers for this purpose.

Play Different Movie/Show

In case HBO max app not working, try watching another show. Suppose you encounter the message, oops! Something went wrong, or HBO max is not working properly error on HBO max while watching. It is most probably that the show you initially played has the problem on its end.

To confirm this, go back to the media library and try playing a different title. This will solve your problem with the HBO max app not working.

Use a VPN

HBO max is restricted in a few regions, so most users from other regions use a Virtual Private Network to access HBO max. Try turning off your VPN and reconnecting it to some other region. Using VPN can also be the case of your HBO max is not working properly and struggle to load movies and TV shows.

Reconnect & Login

If you're HBO max is not working, sign out your account from HBO max and disconnect your internet connection; wait for 2-3 minutes. Then reconnect your internet and try to re-login into your HBO max account. Visit the HBO website through a browser, then click on your profile to open the drop-down menu and manage devices. See if the device is now connected properly with your HBO max app; shut the browser and connect your HBO max app with your device.

Cache and Cookies

Clear your browser cache and cookies. Browsers store temporary data on your device, which are used to load websites and their contents faster. Caches and cookies accumulate over time and could slow down the performance of your browser and apps running behind it. Caches and cookies most often corrupt your data and logins, which might be the cause of your HBO max is not working well. 

Clear Data

Suppose your HBO max app is not working. Go to settings/ app management/ HBO app/open (HBO max app) settings clear the cache and data of (HBO max app). After clearing all, it will log out of your account from the app. Now login to your account using a different device this time; this will solve your HBO max not working error.


HBO max frequently releases the updates on its application to ensure that bugs and glitches are getting patched. Newer versions of the app also include optimizing the platform to improve your overall experience.

Sometimes you don't receive the notification for this. In most possible scenarios, your HBO max might be outdated, which is why your HBO max is not working properly. Check for an app update.

HBO Max Is Not Working on Samsung or on Roku TV

Why is HBO Max not working on my TV ?There are several methods to solve HBO max not working, and each of these methods has a high probability of solving your problem.

Unplug TV

The 1st thing we try here is the simplest, and, in most cases, this one will work, so you might not even need to go on. Simply unplug your Samsung TV and wait for 1-2 minutes, then plug it back, which will reset your smart TV. However, by doing so, you have solved the issue of HBO Max not working Samsung TV.

Note: Do not turn off the smart TV with a remote directly unplug your TV.

Latest Patch

If HBO max is not working on your Samsung or Roku tv, then 1st, ensure that your software doesn't have any latest patch and is up to date. To check this, go to the setting menu/ then support/ software update. Update your software if this fixes your HBO max not working) problem great if not, try the following method.


Sometimes HBO max can be irritating due to glitches and bugs, which can cause your Samsung or Roku tv not to support the application. Completely uninstall HBO max from your devices and clear its data as well and reinstall your HBO max. 

Rest smart Hub

This method is highly effective in many cases. If your (HBO max still not working) well, you need to reset the smart hub. To do so, go to the settings/support self-diagnostics/ then reset the smart hub.


We have told you all possible scenarios about how to solve HBO max not working? Every method is tested and seems helpful for others, but not every technique is for everyone. You need to troubleshoot and figure out what works best for you from the above-given methods. This guide will help you fix your HBO max errors and give you the best experience by going back to amazing shows like Hack Season 2.