What is the corresponding URL for the official version of anipo (anipo)? What is the URL for anipo? Domain information for those who are looking up

Hyou| 2022-11-04
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Anipo (anipo) is one of the best known websites that allows users to stream their favorite anime.

What exactly is the role of this website? What is the address of the anipo website? What is the address of the anipo website? Therefore, we have collected data related to ANIPO.

In this session, we will ask "What is the URL of anipo's main/parent website? In this part, where we look at information about the domain, we ask, "What is the URL of anipo (anipo)!" The contents of this session are as follows.

What kind of site is anipo (anipo)?

This site named "anipo" is a site that "provides connection to animation videos of various genres".

Anipo itself does not have a built-in system for watching anime, but only provides a connection point, and the actual viewing takes place on an unauthorized site.

Explanation of why Anipo (anipo) is not available and why it was closed

Anipo (anipo.jp) was actually closed in February 2018.

This is believed to be due to the revised Copyright Act enforcing reach site restrictions, and we will explain why this occurred.

(1) Lawsuits for damages and injunctions against link providers

According to Article 113, Paragraph 2 of the Copyright Act, providing leech sites and leech applications is illegal because it constitutes an infringement of copyright.

Therefore, copyright holders who post links to infringing content on a leech site or app may demand that the site operator or app provider stop the functionality of the leech site or app (Article 112, Paragraph 1 of the same law).

In addition, since copyright infringement constitutes a tort, a claim for damages can also be made against the website operator or app provider based on Article 709 of the Civil Code.

(2) Criminal penalties against connection providers and operators

According to Article 120-2, Paragraph 3 of the Copyright Act, anyone who provides links to content that infringes on the intellectual property of others on the Reach website or app is subject to imprisonment for up to three years or a fine of up to ¥3 million, or both.

In addition, the operator of the Reach website or the service provider of the Reach application may be imprisoned for up to five years or fined up to 5 million yen, or both (Article 119-2, Items 4 and 5 of the same law).

All of the above crimes related to the Reach website and Reach application are crimes that can be committed against a person who has already committed a criminal offense.

According to Article 123(1) of the same law, the perpetrator can only be held liable in a criminal court if the copyright holder files a criminal complaint.

It is believed that the site was modified because simply compiling links in the manner detailed above would violate the law.

After anipo (anipo) was restored, access was restricted by various telecommunication companies and other entities.

Once suspended, anipo was restored by changing the domain to [anipo.tv].

Shortly thereafter, however, access to the site was restricted.

On March 13, the government decided to begin work on legislation regarding copyright infringing sites (often referred to as pirate sites) and to submit a bill to the ordinary Diet session in 2019. ISPs (Internet Service Providers) have decided that restricting access to pirate sites, which are difficult to remove or arrest, is a good idea until legislation is in place. We believe that this is a temporary solution and does not constitute an illegal act. Furthermore, they are of the opinion that it does not constitute an illegal act.

In addition, access to the site is possible by using a non-standard web browser, such as Google Chrome.

What is the URL of the original Anipo (anipo)?

The Anipo (anipo) website has been taken offline and the URL previously used is no longer accessible.

The latest URL for the Anipo site is [anipo.link], but access is currently denied.

URLs related to past anipo sites

  1. anipo.jp
  2. anipo.tv
  3. anipo.link

Let's go check the results when you access the site.

Result of accessing the anipo.jp site

I received a notification saying "This site is inaccessible....

Since I cannot connect to the IP address, I have to assume that the server is either inactive or completely shut down.

In all sincerity, I must say that I don't believe they will be back from this location.

As a result of accessing anipo.tv

As soon as I logged into the site, the security software I had previously installed started beeping.

Since the site is marked as a Trojan horse, either the site owner was tricked into making the site with a virus, or there was originally a virus on the site and it was recognized as harmful... It seems to be one or the other.

Either way, it is not as properly accessible as you might think.

Results of accessing anipo.link

When I accessed the anipo.link domain, I was taken to an unfamiliar third-party website.

Since it was probably hijacked, the website is called camfoxx and appears to be posting sensual chat videos.

It is not functioning properly at this time.

Why do sites that distribute content illegally have multiple URLs?

Illegal distribution sites can be found under a variety of URLs, but domains containing the word "anipo" (anipo) are extremely likely to have been purchased.

It is most plausible to assume that this type of behavior is done to try to avoid detection by investigative agencies.

Unauthorized websites are frequently attacked, often resulting in the owner being forced to shut down the website. People envy the amount of people who have access to anime, not thinking that free access to anime is a positive thing.

Anipo (anipo) is under fire for a number of reasons.

Illegal sites are in a position where they cannot complain about being targeted due to the nature of their business of uploading videos illegally. However, because of this, illegal sites operate their sites under a variety of domain names.

As they become more popular and more susceptible to "piracy," they routinely change to new domains.

What's the latest news on domains?

We searched for more information about domains on AGUSE, a website that provides information about domains.

You can investigate the location of the anipo (anipo) server, but it appears to have been redirected externally and now directs you to camfoxx.

It was stored on a server in California, USA.