Refund Policy

Fair Use Policy

YouTuFab is only permitted for personal use, and it is prohibited to distribute the downloaded videos with other parties.

A YouTuFab licensed account is limited to 50 daily downloads and 350 weekly downloads from supported streaming services to prevent being blacklisted by streaming providers. If the daily or weekly download limit is reached, it will be automatically reset in the next period.

Cancellation Policy

YouTuFab offers a subscription plan on a monthly or yearly basis, so if you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel or pause the subscription plan at any time. The cost of that month would be deducted. However, from the next month, we won't charge the subscription fee.

Feedback for Our Software

YouTuFab welcomes your precious feedback on our software to improve software development and constant perfection.

If you have good feedback or contributions to the software, we will reward you once the advice is taken!

Feel free to contact us.

Refund Requests That Will Not Be Accepted

❌ You have changed your mind about our product or plans.

❌ You bought the wrong plan but did not request an exchange prior to the refund deadline.

❌ You have requested a refund, but the money-back guarantee period for the purchase has expired.

❌ You did not read the product description before purchasing, resulting in dissatisfaction with the functions or compatibility of our product.

❌ You have experienced insurmountable technical issues when using our product, yet you refuse to share any further information or cooperate with our Support Team.

❌ Refund due to download quota limit is not accepted

Refund Requests That Will Be Accepted

⭕️ You unintentionally bought the same plan you previously had; the duplicate may be returned for a refund.

⭕️ You have bought the incorrect product and then the correct product within the refund period; the incorrect order may be returned for a refund.

⭕️ You have canceled the auto-renew service prior to the date of renewal, but you are still being charged.

⭕️ There are technical issues with the bought product, and no remedy has been supplied within 30 days.

Important Notices

YouTuFab provides a 7-day money-back guarantee on Monthly, Biannual and Annual Plans, and a 14-day money-back guarantee on Lifetime Plans. Your money-back guarantee begins when your payment is processed.

Automatic renewal is by default enabled. However, the service is optional and may be turned off at any moment. You may contact us through email at [email protected], and we will promptly assist you with canceling the subscription.

The Mac version and the Windows version are different. After the refund time has expired, no exchanges will be permitted.

Your refund will be completed within one to seven business days, depending on the specific situation. If you do not get it in a timely manner, please contact the Support Team to inquire about its status.

After a refund has been granted, the associated license will be canceled. Please uninstall and delete YouTuFab from your computer.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have more concerns regarding our refund policy.