How to use the illegal website "Hamiraw", introduction of available manga

Hyou| 2022-11-28
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While "Manga Mura" and "Hoshi no Romi" have been the talk of the town, a pirate manga site called "Hamiraw" has actually been operating in the shadows for quite some time.

Like other so-called "unlimited manga reading sites," it posts rankings of popular manga at the top of the site. Popular manga such as "Blade of the Oni no Ru", "Kingdom", and "Haikyuu" are always at the top of this ranking, so you can read the latest issue whenever you like.

You might think that a site this old would have most of the manga you need, but apparently not.

This article covers not only the features and functions of Hamiraw, but also topics such as security and whether it is possible to genuinely read the popular manga "One Piece" and "Blade of Oni no Kai", so please take a look.

You can also read the latest editions of the most popular manga of the moment.

Please note that Hamiraw does not publish episodes prior to episode 59 of "Blade of Oni no Ruin," which means that "the entire volume has not been uploaded."

Other popular manga available on Hamiraw include

  • Shigeki no Kyojin
  • Haikyuu
  • Jagaan
  • Parallel Paradise
  • Higanjima
  • Kingdom
  • Made in Abyss

Many advertisements are displayed, some of them inappropriate

Hamiraw displays ads not only on the top page, but also on pages where you can browse comics. While the commercials on the top page are acceptable, the pages where you can browse the comics may display offensive ads.

However, compared to the majority of online ads, it is superior in that it does not use extremely insidious "pop-up ads."

Hamiraw Safety Means No Virus Risk

At this time, no infections exist, according to the results of a check by the Internet virus scanning service VirusTotal.

The risk of virus infection may be low, at least as of "February 2020," since the site does not carry ads with embedded proprietary content.

Hamiraw User Guide (How to Use)

How to access Hamiraw?

Right now, a search for "Hamiraw" on the Internet should lead you to the Hamiraw home page. However, this is not certain, since Hamiraw is an unstable site that has been renewed with different domain names many times.

If I had to say so, you have a better chance of accessing the site if you navigate directly from the URL, but please do so at your own risk.

Find the manga you want to read

Once you have accessed Hamiraw, first search for the manga you want to read. You can find lesser-known manga straight from the search window, and popular manga are displayed as thumbnails at the top of the site. (You can search in either Japanese or English.)

Also, if you cannot remember the title of a manga, or if you want to find similar manga, you can use the "Genre List" in the sidebar to search for it.

Selecting a chapter/volume (number of episodes)

After selecting a manga title, you will be prompted to select a manga chapter.

You can select the episode you wish to read by first clicking on "LIST OF CHAPTERS" in the center of the screen, then clicking on the episode itself.

Display for viewing manga

In the last issue, we explained that many ads are also displayed on the screen for viewing manga, which are essentially sandwiched between the individual panels. (Because we used an ad blocker, no ads are shown in the image currently displayed.)

That in itself is entertaining, but the biggest drawback is that many of the ads that appear on this screen are annoying and make it difficult to concentrate on reading.

On the other hand, for those who can "tolerate seeing ads," this is not a difficult site to read. This may be due to the fact that it is not as ubiquitous as other sites.

Alternative sites when Hamiraw is not available

If you are unable to read or view manga on Hamiraw, there are several different situations that may arise.

The server is offline due to high load - The site is undergoing maintenance - The site is closed.

If you are still unable to view the manga after a period of time, we strongly recommend that you use another free manga site responsibly.

Hamiraw Summary

We have outlined the procedure for reading manga on Hamiraw, as well as general features and functions.

Even though Hamiraw offers access to well-known manga titles such as "Onikan no Retsu" and "Shinkage no Kyojin," the selection is not uniform. One Piece, for some reason, is not included in the titles distributed.

The total number of manga titles itself is large, and minor manga can be read, but compared to other services such as "Manga Raw" and "Manga Bank," there are more advertisements, and I personally found it difficult to use.

Although it is unlikely to be caught now, Hamirau is considered a "pirate site," and there is no telling when the site will be shut down again.

If you are financially able, we strongly recommend that you choose a reliable service like U-NEXT.