Things to Know About DirecTV Go

Victoria| 2022-07-12
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DirecTV GO is a broadcast satellite working from America situated in California. DirecTV Go services are a subsidiary of ATNT. DirecTV has been really popular because it uses a satellite for its broadcast, providing customers with digital entertainment instead of a typical TV. Its popularity has grown over the past decade, making it the top dog in digital entertainment. Furthermore, it delivers premium video quality and services because they use the most recent and innovative technology.

DirecTV GO is the platform where that offer you movies, seasons, live television, sports, news, documentary, and much more DirecTV Go provides you a free trial for seven days with no charges. DirecTV Go offers a discounted premium package for their new users. 

DirecTV Go has more than 80 television channels. DirecTV Go gives its users a unique catalog on-demand, such as HBO premium content and Paramount Plus content. The best thing about DirecTV Go is that they have created special features for people under 18. 

The particular catalog for kids is full of animated movies and seasons like cars and the ice age. DirecTV GO presents the best content from channels like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney.

DirecTV Sign In

Go to your web browser and type in, then go to my account and create a new account. As you move to the next page, you must fulfill the requirements such as your mobile number, state code, and VISA/Master card details for the DirecTV GO billing. As you create a new account and DirecTV sign in, you will be granted a seven-day free trial to all premium content with no hidden charges.

DirecTV Application

DirecTV GO application offers you the most recent trending movies, shows, and seasons. You can access this application on the go when you do DirecTV sign-in. DirecTV GO is connected through satellite, so it's a great perk; you can watch live television, news, and sports from anywhere and from any device; you are not required to sit in the front of the TV to watch the latest news or your favorite sport.

 DirecTV GO also gives you access to reality shows and other live telecasts. The fantastic feature of DirecTV GO is that they have an "our pick for you" tab where they give their premium users top IMBD-rated movies in high resolution and custom subtitles.

How to Program DirecTV Remote?

Check that the receiver is turned on; if you have a problem with it, press the red button to reset it. If your receiver has no red control, turn it off and wait 60 seconds.

The batteries in your remote must be in excellent condition. We recommend that you use the most OK batteries in your region. Wait for the light to blink before pressing the Select and Mute buttons. Don’t forget the following steps for how to program DirecTV remote.

Enter the 9-6-1, push the channel key, and click the enter button when the light blinks. The remote will configure the DirecTV receiver, and the configuration update will take some time to use DirecTV app. Don’t forget to DirecTV sign in.

Best Channels to Watch on DirecTV GO

DirecTV Go does not only provide you with seasons and documentary films. They also offer live sports telecasts from well-known channels such as ESPN and Fox Sport 1. So you do not need to pay or buy an expensive subscription to watch your favorite sports. 

Under a premium subscription, you will get the ESPN and Fox Spot channels on DirecTV GO. You can also access the best entertainment channels like TNT and TBS. 

TNT and TBS are the most famous entertainment channels provided by DirecTV GO, all under a single premium subscription; when you do the DirecTV sign-in.

Tools Needed for DirecTV Go

DirecTV GO is a subsidiary of ATNT and works with the satellite. So to use DirecTV Go, you will need a satellite dish and HD DVR box. Although buying all these accessions will cost you little money, if you are new to DirecTV GO and newly purchased their subscription, they will install all the tools needed for DirecTV GO, including dish and box. They will not charge you any extra cost for this.

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DirecTV GO Access

You can access their content across any device if you are a premium subscriber of DirecTV GO. DirecTV GO users can browse their range from anywhere without device restriction. DirecTV GO users can watch live streams and telecasts, and they also have access to download any live stream or record the live stream and can watch later whenever they want

DirecTV Go Channels and Where to Find Them

DirecTV offers their user a wide variety of networks and channels. For the user, it can be hard to remember the channel number or on what channel your favorite stream is going on DirecTV.

Here are some famous channels on DirecTV GO and guides where you can find them directly without wasting your time

What Channel Is ESPN on DirecTV?

You can find ESPN live stream on channel 206

What Channel Is TNT on DirecTV?

You can watch live streams of TNT on DirecTV channel 245

What Channel Is TBS on DirecTV?

You can watch TBS on DirecTV channel 247

What Channel Is Paramount on DirecTV?

You can watch Paramount on DirecTV channel 241

What Channel Is NBC on DirecTV?

Unfortunately, if you're trying to search the NBC channel on DirecTV GO, you will not find it on their dish because they have suspended the channel.

What Channel Is FOX on DirecTV?

You might have searched hundreds of channels to seek one reason: FOX channel is numbered differently in every state. Below are the area's channel numbers.

San Diego, CA CH# 69

Philadelphia, PA CH# 29

Charlotte, NC CH# 46

You can search for a specific channel and its number on Google.


In the above guide, we have explained every little detail about DirecTV Go and its feature. See what suits your personality. DirecTV Go contains hundreds of channels, and it could be hard for you to find. Although we have mentioned some famous channel and their number but if you're looking for a specific channel, you should search Google while typing your area/region-name.