Introducing mediable, an easy way for anyone to create a subscriber video channel! How to download videos?

Hyou| 2022-10-14
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mediable" is a video subscription platform for creators that anyone can easily start. Anyone can open a channel for free, and earn revenue from direct subscriptions from fans while freely posting videos of their own choice. This article describes mediable in detail and also introduces software that allows you to download your favorite videos.

About mediable, which allows you to create a subscriber video channel

mediable is a subscription video platform that enables a world where you can continuously have your own economic sphere connected to your core fans through videos, through direct billing from your fans.

It aims to provide a service that creators can use with peace of mind, dispelling concerns about tightening regulations on video platforms such as YouTube, changes in content display algorithms, slander, and so on.

Mediable allows creators to earn revenue through a monetization system centered on subscriptions from fans, as well as through pay-as-you-go charges for favorite content and throwaway fees for live streaming, thereby reducing the risk of revenue instability caused by conventional algorithm changes. This enables creators to continuously create videos that are unique to them and that their fans want to see.

Features of mediable, which allows users to create a subscriber video channel

Stamps and comments on videos

Through new communication and viewing experience with comments and stamps from core fans on videos, a community can be formed, and revenue can be grown through a new billing mechanism that switches to a pay screen in the middle of a video.

Creative support to get you hooked on your creative work

In order for anyone to be able to start and continuously operate a subscription video platform, mediable will publish success stories and the latest information, and provide support not only for creators, but also for the creators' activities, such as specific SNS operation methods and how the number of new paying subscribers changes when the update frequency is varied. The information is also made widely available to entertainment agencies, MCNs, and advertising agencies that support creators, and supports creators who are taking on new challenges in the Corona Disaster.

How to download videos from mediable

If you want to download videos from mediable (mediable), Showroom, myfans, or other subscription-based live-streaming services, we recommend "YouTuFab Downloader".

What is YouTuFab Downloader?

YouTuFab supports over 100 major video services such as Netflix, Disney+, U-NEXT, Paravi, and Amazon Prime Video, plus subscription-based video services such as mediable, Showroom, and myfans. download services that are compatible with streaming distribution services. Below are some of YouTuFab's best features

YouTuFab's Best Features

  • YouTuFab allows you to download mediable videos in MP4/MKV format.

This premium video downloader allows you to save downloaded videos in MP4/MKV format to any device, including smartphones, laptops, as well as TVs, game consoles, and computers.

  • You can save videos with subtitles or in SRT/SUP format.

When downloading mediable games from YouTuFab, you have the option to save subtitles in the language of your choice as an SRT/SUP file or record subtitles on the video.

  • Batch and quick downloads

YouTuFab allows you to easily upload more than 100 videos or multiple videos at once. It also saves time by allowing you to upload files at high speed without limitations.

  • Ads are automatically removed during upload.

YouTuFab can automatically remove ads from mediable videos as you upload them.

Here are the steps to download videos with YouTuFab, with images.

How to use YouTuFab

STEP1 After downloading the application from the official YouTuFab website, install it on the selected file. Note that YouTuFab has special versions for both Windows and Mac OS.

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STEP2 Launch YouTuFab and search for the video you want to download by entering its url in the search field of the built-in browser.

STEP3 Play the video.

STEP4 On this video page, click DRMM3U8 in the upper right corner of the built-in browser, and a pop-up window will appear.

STEP5 In the pop-up window that appears, select your desired video mode, quality, subtitles, audio, etc.

STEP6If you want to download now, click "Download Now" to start downloading. If you want to add other videos and download them at once, check the videos you want to download and click "Add to Queue.

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