A Review of Downton Abbey and Character Analysis

Victoria| 2022-07-01
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Downton Abbey is a masterpiece in its own right, made in the 90s the show travels to the heart of English society from the 20th century. The show has in a way reciprocated the characteristics of the elite English class and How they handle their business. It has subtle references to historical happenings that have occurred almost in the 90s, such as the Irish revolution, Spanish epidemic, World Wars, and British elections of 1923. As a show, it’s amazing to relate to. The show has an exceptional and pretty decent acting cast. Let us know more about the show and its cast members.

A Quick Summary of Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 1 episodes completely focused on the minute areas of the show. It deals with the class structure in ‘The post-Edwardian era'. The show explores the class analysis aspect and takes into account the changes that were happening when the world was transitioning to a post-modernist era. The characters were the portal through which we get unlimited access to these numerous world events. This has been seen quite for some time on the show as they have covered Archduke Ferdinand who was killed which led to the 1st world war. It was a tumultuous time, and the sinking of the Titanic became news on the screens. The series is Upstairs, Downstairs. This show only features How the people that live their life upstairs have a patterned their crude behavior with the ones working downstairs.

Here's a Guide to Downton Abbey's Seasons

Downton Abbey Season 1

Season 1 of Downton Abbey introduced some of the characters. We got to know more about the characters and what is like in their mindset of these people. So the first half of the show concentrated on Mr. and Mrs. Crawley and their inability to bear a male heir. They had two daughters. The eldest daughter was supposed to get married to their cousin Patrick, but then he died as the Titanic sank. The sinking happened in April 1912.

The other half of the show centers around two servants Thomas Barrow and John Bates. They compete to achieve supremacy. Cora Levinson who was devastated because of Patrick got hooked up with Mathew, one distant cousin. The season ends with the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which then resulted in the world war.

Downton Abbey Season 2

Season 2 is also an amazing season of the show. In season 2 there was a focus on armed conflicts, tough choices, and making decisions that can be hard. This season is marred with historical continuities like the Spanish Influenza epidemic, Battle of Somme, and Battle of Amiens in Armistice. Both these wars occurred between 1916 and 1918. There was also a dearth of employees at the Downton Abbey House. As we know John Bates and Thomas went to fight wars. Sybil the 2nd Crawley went as a nurse aid to help war-ravaged soldiers.

Downton Abbey Season 3

Season 3 is all about exploring difficulties persisting with the family. This season focused more on How the Abbey Family is in terms of the characters? Will they sink or swim when times get hard? Will they be able to swim through the cataclysmic problem that renders their attention? Some bad investments took the family’s finances to a halt. Now everyone is trying their best to assist the Abbey Family.

We also become close to the Crawley family. They were together during a crisis. Things spiraled up. When things started to happen downstairs as well. The servants were pretty much in a two-way love-off. Along with it, it’s important to mention How John’s wife, Anna Bates, investigates a rather incarcerated Jon? She lurks in the Abbey castle to look for clues about the incarceration.

Downton Abbey Season 4

Season 4 explores an idea of a halting stage in the show’s progression. It becomes more and more clearer now Why Downton Abbey has been up in the race wanting to outpace everyone, as the end lurks around the corner. So, here is the thing, Mathew died and that left Mary alone. They both got married last season. They also had a child called ‘George’. Mary is getting used to running the estate. Thomas Burrow increases his reputation and hence becomes closer to Mr. Crawley. John is still going through some of the issues, but overall he looks quite fine.

Downton Abbey Season 5

Season 5 is all about interrelationships that exist between everyone. Firstly we get to know the pregnancy of Edith Crawley. We also see her being quite a prominent character. Mary on the other hand is building a good relationship with Charles. Thomas on the other hand has opened Pandora's box of flirtations for a Girl, ‘Sarah Bunting’.

Downton Abbey Season 6

The last season has been quite a ride. It has so many angles and developments as a coherent plot. We see Tom Branson moving to the US and their child who is 5, returning from Boston. We see How Thomas Barrow feels alone and amid the season he tries to kill himself but was saved. Edith has a publishing company to take care of and then goes to London. Both Mr. and Mrs. Crawley are fighting for a general hospital that the govt wants to take away from them and it’s located in Yorkshire.

Will There Be a Season 7 of Downton Abbey?

Downton Abbey season 7 will not be there. Finally, season 6 has been a halt for this amazing show. If you want to catch up on the show, you can try waiting for the movie sequels of Downton Abbey and Downton Abbey 2 released in 2019 and 2021 respectively. The sequels will be released pretty soon.

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Downton Abbey Character Analysis

Downton Abbey’s cast has given some of the best character arcs to the show and this has been a great revelation for many. Except for Robert Crawley, Cora Crawley, Edith Crawley and Mary Crawley, there are simultaneous other characters that play important roles in the show. For instance, Sybil, Downton Abbey’s son of Tom Branson, is metaphorically what Tom's life will be as a man in the free world not subjected to class conflict.

Daisy Downton Abbey’s servant also plays a critical role in showing How elites are codependent on servants and also the issues one can face if they try to belittle their servants. Thomas, Downton Abbey is also an important character that shows How servants can become each other’s potential enemies even if they are indeed servants. For example, the things that happened with John.

Mathew, Downton Abbey came as an option for Mary who wanted to marry Patrick, her cousin but he died on the Titanic. Anna, Downton Abbey is a maid to Cora Crawley. Her intense engagement with her husband John is a sweet little saga, especially the part where she tries to find out who incarcerated her husband. Edith, Downton Abbey’s character has layers. Unlike Sybil and Mary, Edith is portrayed as a gray character.

Final Thoughts

If you like Historical period drama, this show has all the elements in it. Be sure to download it with YouTuAmazon. It’s the perfect tool with which you can preserve the show forever.