How to Fix DirecTV Remote Not Working?

Victoria| 2022-07-12
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If suddenly your DirecTV remote stops working, there is no need to be scared and even think of replacing your DirecTV before applying the following methods. We have done complex research regarding this DirecTv remote stop working and have discovered all possible ways to fix your problem.

DirecTV is commonly being used now a day, and so far, many users face the problem of the DirecTv remote suddenly stop working. Every user experiences different sorts of hurdles using the DirecTv remote. In this guide, 1st, we will help fix the minor issues of your DirecTV. 

Then we will help you with how to program DirecTv remote and use DirecTv remote properly. We will also guide you about DirecTv remote codes.         

Make sure to follow each of the following methods to solve your problem if the DirecTv remote is not working. Who knows which methods work like a miracle for you, especially how to program DirecTV remote to tv?

Check DirecTV Battery Health

DirecTv remote has an inside indicator that tells you about battery health. You must press and hold your DirecTv remote's guide or menu button. A green light will suddenly start blinking.

If the green light blinks about 5-6 times rapidly means your battery is low, and you need to change the batteries in the future to remove the error "DirecTV remote not working."

If the green light blink just once means your battery health is good.

If the green light doesn't blink, your batteries are dead and need to be replaced by new 2AA batteries.

Check Device Input

If your batteries are okay, you must ensure that your DirecTv remote is connected correctly to your receiver. Sometimes receiver is denied access for use. You can also change the mode of the receiver in case your DirecTv remote is still not connecting.

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Reset Your DirecTV Remote

You can do a hard rest to your DirecTv remote. Remember that a hard reset DirecTV remote will erase all your saved functions on your DirecTV, but it will eventually makes your DirecTv remote work properly again.

To reset DirecTv remote, hit the Mute and Select button simultaneously. Hold it for a few seconds until the light blink twice. Once you do that now, you need to input the following number on your DirecTv remote, 9-8-1. 

Now it will blink red and four times the green. Your DirecTv remote is now reset and will fix the error “DirecTV remote not working and reset DirecTV remote."


Although many users don't count cleaning a vital part and mostly don't even take care of the DirecTv remote or their other accessions. Well back to the topic, dust particles or if you use the remote with a dirty hand can make sensors work slow, or the remote doesn't even work. So make sure you take good care of your DirecTv remote. Clean your remote with cleaner or some polish. Trust me; it's the best way to solve the error of the DirecTV remote not working.

Stuck Buttons

While using the DirecTv remote or any other remote, sometimes, we press the button so hard that they are stuck on the left side and make the remote work automatically or sometimes havoc on the other buttons, making the remote freeze. The best is to hold the DirecTV 

remote in both hands and press all buttons randomly using all your fingers. The stuck button will automatically pop up, and your DirecTv remote should work fine.

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Change the Mode

Usually DirecTV remote often works in a different mode. It's due to the capability of the DirecTV remote and the methods they work on best. Change the remote mode by,

Pressing the Menu button/selecting the settings/ Remote control. Now there will be different options for setup. You should choose the IR/RF setup. 

Now select continue and exit the settings for remote for DirecTV not working.

If IR/RF doesn't work for you, reverse the settings. This might come in handy, and your DirecTv remote will hopefully start working.

DirecTV App

If any of the above methods don't work for you, then you may use DirecTV remote app as an alternative. Please install the application and run it. 

When you run the application, it will ask you to pair the device. After pairing the device, it will ask for the basic configures; just set it up, and you are done, and finally, with the DirecTV remote not working.

How to Program DirecTV Remote with Receiver?

Make sure the receiver is powered on if the remote for DirecTV not working; if you have a problem with your receiver, push the red button to reset it. If your receiver does not have a red control, then unplug the receiver and wait for 60 seconds.

Your remote needs good batteries if your remote for DirecTV is not working. We recommend you use the best batteries available in your area. Press the Select and the Mute button while waiting until the light blinks.

After the light blink, enter the 9-6-1, press the channel key, and then press the enter button. The remote will program the DirecTV receiver plus how to program DirecTV remote to tv, and it will take a few to make the setting update.

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How to Program DirecTV Remote With T.V?

Press and hold the Menu button only on your DirecTV if the remote for DirecTV not working. A control setup will pop up; use your arrow keys for the navigation. Scroll to the remote control section; Press to select button to enter the remote control setting.

Now at the bottom of your screen, select pair and program remote / Change T.V. Now select the brand of your T.V. These settings will make your DIRECTV remote app applicable with your brand T.V.

DirecTV Remote Codes

We will show you how to pull some codes off DirecTV remote codes. It is effortless, so 1st, you must select the mode you want to pull the code from.

Select a V1, and then you press mute and select at the same time; wait for the light to blink twice and then press keys 9-9-0, and then you're going to press 1-1-2-3; the light will flash for three-times.

So your 1st code (3) our 1st digit Now presses 2, and the light blink once, so the following number is (1). Now press three, the light blinks eight times, so the next digit is (8), now press four-light blinks for two times, so the following number is (2), now press five, and the light blinks for two times, so final digit is (2). Follow these steps if your remote for DirecTV not working.

That's how you extract your code on pre-existing DirecTV remote full of codes.


This guide will help you solve your DirecTV remote's problem and how you can connect your DirecTV remote with your T.V. and receivers. We also have given you a proven way to extract the code for your DirecTV for how to program DirecTV remote to tv. All the above methods to fix your DirecTv remote are proven and valuable for others.