Thorough explanation of the dTV video download function, including how to watch offline.

Hyou| 2022-06-23
YouTudTV: dTV Video Downloader

dTV is a video distribution service that offers more than 120,000 titles, including dramas, movies, variety shows, and live programs, and can also be enjoyed for a monthly fee of only 550 yen (tax included). Furthermore, because of dTV's download function, works can be viewed even in an offline environment. This article provides a thorough explanation of the dTV video download function. We also recommend some useful tools.

What is dTV's download function?

With the dTV application only, you can watch specific movies after downloading them in advance, without worrying about traffic .

Points to note before downloading dTV videos

  • To prevent wasting communication volume, we recommend downloading works in a Wi-Fi environment.
  • If there is insufficient communication and free space on the device for downloading, the works cannot be downloaded.
  • When a downloaded work is played, communication will occur to check the membership status and license.
  • Before downloading a movie, please check whether the [Download] button is available or not on the viewing page.

Next, we will explain how to use the dTV download function.

How to use dTV's download function

How to download for smartphones ( for iPhone and Android)

For smartphones, the procedure for downloading videos is almost the same for both iPhone and Android.

As follows: 1.

  1. Start the dTV application and search for the movie you want to download
  2. Tap the [Download] button at the bottom of the playback screen on the viewing page
  3. Select the quality of the video you want to save from the following three options: [HD] > [Very Clear] > [Clear
  4. Downloading will begin.
  5. If you want to cancel or stop downloading during downloading, tap the [Download] button again.

How to download to your phone on your computer (for Android)

  1. Allow push notifications for the dTV app on your phone.

In the app, switch from [Menu] to [Settings] and check [Push Notification Settings].

  1. Allow video downloads from your computer on your phone.

Go back to 【Menu】, jump to 【Account】and then to 【Device Management】, and check 【Allow downloads from PC】.

  1. Find the movie you want to download on your Android laptop.
  2. Tap the 【Download】 button at the bottom of the playback screen on the viewing page
  3. Set the save quality, subtitles, etc., and click 【Start Downloading
  4. Downloading starts on your phone

You will receive a push notification on your smartphone when the download has started, and check the videos in the 【Download List】 on your smartphone's dTV application.

How to play dTV downloaded movies

  1. Select【My List】in the dTV app.
  2. Switch to 【Download List
  3. Select the video you want to watch and start playing.

dTV How to delete videos after downloading

  1. Select【My List】in the dTV app.
  2. Switch to 【Download List
  3. Tap the【Trash Bin Mark】on the upper right corner of the screen
  4. Check the videos you wish to delete and select [Done].

The above is a complete explanation of dTV's download function, which is beneficial to know, and I will tell you what you need to be aware of below!

Limitations of dTV's download function

  • There are some situations where you may not be able to download and playback certain movies.

Once a work has been downloaded to dTV, it can be played back at any time, but works that are no longer available on dTV cannot be played back.

  • Please note that some dTV original works may switch to streaming playback if you change the subtitle availability after downloading.
  • If you cancel your subscription with dTV, you will not be able to play the downloaded works.
  • Some devices do not support downloading.

Android smartphones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads, support download playback.

We have explained the dTV download function so far. If you have used dTV's download function before, you may have noticed various limitations. Here we introduce a more convenient downloader that does not have any of the above limitations.

YouTudTV Downloader

YouTudTV Downloader YouTudTV allows you to download movies, variety shows, anime, etc. from dTV. You can download even the movies that are no longer available and save the dtv movies in the best [HD] quality.

Advantages of YouTudTV

  • Download dTV videos in [HD] resolution

Higher resolution guarantees a better viewing experience; YouTudTV allows you to download and watch offline dtv videos in resolutions up to [HD].

  • Batch download dtv videos at high speed

YouTudTV offers a batch download option that allows you to download many movies at once. In addition, high-speed downloads are also available. No need to wait for a long time to download many movies.

  • Select the best audio track for your preference

Enjoy the best audio experience by selecting EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 audio tracks with YouTu.

  • Automatically remove ads from dTV downloads

Being cut off by ads while watching a video is the worst; if you use YouTudTV to save the desired video, the ads will be removed immediately.

  • Fast downloads in MP4

YouTudTV guarantees fast downloads in versatile MP4 files. Permanent storage is possible after downloading. Even if you watch the video in an unstable Internet environment, there will be no popping and chopping in the middle of the video or poor quality.

Next, we will explain YouTudTV Downloader with screens.

How to use YouTudTV Downloader

  1. Download the application for free from the official YouTudTV Downloader website (both MAC and Windows are supported).

>> YouTudTV Downloader's official website

  1. Open YouTuFab and click [VIP Service] on the left side of the screen.
  2. Select the [dTV] icon in the list of streaming services displayed.
  3. Log in to dTV using YouTuFab's built-in browser
  4. Find the movie you want to download and jump to the playback page
  5. In the pop-up window that appears, select the picture quality, subtitles, and audio.
  6. Tap [Download Now] if you want to download the movie now, or [Add to Queue] if you want to add other movies to download at once.
  7. Switch to【Downloading】in the menu and check the download list.


So far, we have explained how to watch dTV videos offline using YouTudTV Downloader. It is true that Dtv has an official downloader, but it has also brought various limitations. So why not try the more convenient downloader YouTudTV? We have a free trial available now, so enjoy!