What are the advantages and disadvantages of TVer, and how can I download TVer shows!

Hyou| 2022-07-26
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Have you ever thought "Oh no, I missed this week's Geki 9 again" or "I haven't watched the hit show yet"? TVer is a service that can help you out. This article explains the advantages and disadvantages of TVer. We also show you how to download TVer programs.

What are the useful features of TVer?

The advantages of TVer are generally connected with its useful features. Here are some of the useful features of TVer.

1. SPECIAL LIVE also streamed in real time!

TVer allows you to watch international matches broadcast by commercial broadcasters LIVE! Live broadcasts of international matches, such as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the World Cup Soccer Tournament, will be streamed LIVE.

TVer also has a real-time streaming function that allows you to watch programs being broadcast on TV on TVer at the same time!

2. You can search by typing or narrowing down your search!

TVer allows you to search for programs not only by program name, but also by celebrity name, so you can watch any program featuring your favorite celebrities without missing anything.

You can also easily find your favorite shows by genre, day of the week, TV station, subtitle, and more. You'll never have to worry about missing your favorite actor's show again!

3. you can view the program listings by region!

TVer has a function that allows you to view both terrestrial digital and BS program listings.

By entering your zip code, you can view the program listings for the week before and after, according to your region, not only for those living in the Tokyo metropolitan area, but also for those living in different prefectures.

4. add your favorite programs on My Page!

TVer's My Page feature allows you to add the programs you watch regularly to your My List, and you will receive an immediate notification as soon as the videos you are streaming are updated. Just click on the "hard" symbol in the lower right corner of the video you want to add to My Page, and you have successfully added this video.

What are the disadvantages of TVer (TVer)?

Next, I will show you the disadvantages of TVer that I have found after actually using it.

1. many commercials

Before and during watching TVer programs, there are 15 to 30 seconds of commercials, which can be skipped after 10 seconds, but it is impossible to skip the commercials completely.

2. other apps may be required

When watching Fuji and Teletext shows on TVer apps, you have to install their respective dedicated apps, not TVer.

For Fuji TV, you can only watch programs on the "FOD" app, and for TV Tokyo, you can only watch programs on the "Netto mo Teleto" app.

It is expected that the number of TV stations' productions available on TVer will decrease in the future.

3. no download function

Compared to other video streaming services, TELASA, and streaming services like Paravi, TVer does not have a download function, whereas many services have a function to download videos on the app.

Since only streaming videos are streamed, it will take a lot of traffic if you use it outside of a Wi-Fi environment.

So, if you can download TVer videos, you can watch TVer videos that you have downloaded in advance, even if you are in a place like an airplane. Next, we will introduce you a software to download TVer videos.

Software to download TVer videos|YouTuFab Downloader

What is YouTuFab Downloader?

YouTuFab Downloader is a professional software that allows you to easily download TVer videos to your computer, not only from TVer, but also from Netflix, Disney+, and many other streaming services. YouTuFab can also automatically remove troublesome commercials.

How to Download TVer Videos

The following are the steps to download TVer videos with YouTuFab Downloader.

  1. Install YouTuFab on the official website of YouTuFab Downloader.

System Requirements〈Windows〉〈MAC〉〉.

  1. Install YouTuFab and enter TVer URL (https://tver.jp/) in the search field on the homepage.

  1. Select the video you want to download from TVer.

  1. Go to the viewing page, select your desired video quality, audio, and subtitles in the window that appears, and click "Download Now.

We have now explained how to download TVer videos on YouTuFab.

In this article.

  • Useful features on TVer: SPECIAL LIVE or real-time streaming, search by input or refine search, different program listings by region, My Page
  • Disadvantages of TVer: Too many commercials, different TV stations require different apps, no download function
  • How to download TVer videos|YouTuFab

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