Why Legends Of Tomorrow Deserves A Final Chapter

Victoria| 2022-06-07
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Legends of Tomorrow demands a series finale with its ratings on the rising before a cliffhanger episode that introduced Booster Gold to the Arrowverse.

Why does Legends of Tomorrow need a suitable conclusion?

The following includes SPOILERS for the season 7 finale of Legends of Tomorrow.

Legends of Tomorrow, the CW's time-traveling superhero show that was just canceled after seven seasons and a cliffhanger ending, deserves a proper series finale. Thankfully, there isn't anything stopping HBO Max from reviving the series for a final season or releasing a Legends of Tomorrow film to appropriately conclude their journey. At the very least, a comic book written by the series' creators might provide many Legends of Tomorrow fans who were devastated by the termination a sense of closure.

The titular team was imprisoned in the past after their time-ship, the Waverider, was destroyed by another time-ship during the events of Legends of Tomorrow season 7. The Legends' unseen foe turned out to be a deranged replica of the artificial intelligence Gideon, who had determined that the Legends were a threat to the natural order and hence had to perish. The Legends were able to escape into the time stream with the help of Dr. Gwyn Davies (Matt Ryan), the first scientist to develop a workable time machine, but they were still outgunned by the far more ruthless and powerful Evil Gideon.

This struggle came to a head in the season 7 finale of Legends of Tomorrow, when the Legends vanquished Evil Gideon and claimed a repaired Waverider for themselves, only to have it stolen by a guy named Mike (Donald Faison). Mike returned to the Legends at the end of the episode, ostensibly feeling bad about what he'd done but really acting as bait for a trap. As it was revealed that Mike was the time-traveling superhero Booster Gold, operatives from an unnamed law enforcement agency swooped in and arrested the Legends for time crimes.

Why Does Legends Of Tomorrow Need a Grand Finale?

Despite the fact that the future of many long-running CW shows has been called into question following the network's sale, Legends of Tomorrow had appeared to be a safe bet for renewal. Legends of Tomorrow, although not being one of the network's highest-rated shows, routinely attracted as many viewers as Kung Fu and more than Riverdale, both of which were recently renewed for new seasons. Legends of Tomorrow's ratings increased steadily during season 7, making it one of the few CW shows to record a gain in viewership in the previous year.

Legends of Tomorrow fans should be unhappy at the thought of the season 7 cliffhanger ending never being resolved, and the series joining a long list of science fiction shows that were discontinued before their time with incomplete tales. The cancellation elicited a strong and immediate response from fans around the world, with #RenewLegendsOfTomorrow trending on Twitter both before and after the news. On Change.org, a number of fan petitions were also created, with the largest garnering over 10,000 signatures in just one day. This kind of fan devotion is difficult to deny, and any network that decides to resurrect Legends of Tomorrow can expect a significant return on their investment.

Legends Of Tomorrow's Final Season Could Be Made by HBO Max

Fortunately, there appears to be little stopping HBO Max from picking up the Legends of Tomorrow series and renewing it for another season. Warner Bros., which shares ownership of the CW network with ViacomCBS, owns the streaming service. It may take some legal maneuvering to iron out the issues, but HBO Max has previously acquired a DC Comics project made for another network and given it a second chance.

In the summer of 2020, HBO Max scooped purchased the majority of the original programming made for the short-lived DC Universe streaming service, including Doom Patrol and Young Justice. Peacemaker has proven to be one of HBO Max's most successful original superhero series based on the DC Comics universe. Legends of Tomorrow could easily fit into HBO Max's original programming lineup and succeed.

HBO Max Could Produce A Legends Of Tomorrow Movie

Another option is for HBO Max to produce a Legends of Tomorrow or Booster Gold film starring Donald Faison to wrap up the plot if a full season isn't possible. There is precedent here, since HBO Max is currently developing animated films based on the series Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros, both of which were canceled with incomplete tales. Both shows have cult followings that are comparable to Legends of Tomorrow's. It's also worth noting that HBO Max is already creating small-scale superhero films focusing on Batgirl and Black Canary from the DCEU. A Legends of Tomorrow film based on the story of Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) from the Arrowverse would easily fit into those ideas.

An Earth-Prime Comic Could End the Legends' Story

Even if HBO Max is unwilling or unable to produce Legends of Tomorrow season 8 or a Legends of Tomorrow film, the cult great sci-fi series may not be over. It's entirely plausible that a comic book series might bring the Legends' adventures to a satisfactory conclusion, if not numerous virtual seasons. When the networks no longer wanted to fund extra episodes, comic books based on successful television series have a long history of continuing the narratives. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly are probably the most well-known examples, but DC Comics accomplished something similar with Smallville Season 11, a comic book series that introduced Wonder Woman and Batman into the Smallville universe.

Legends of Tomorrow was canceled just days before the team was set to debut in Earth-Prime: Legends of Tomorrow #3 in comic books. Earth-Prime is a crossover epic set in the Arrowverse and created by the same writers who scripted the various CW superhero series. It was unable to be produced because to the COVID-19 epidemic. The third chapter, written by Lauren Fields and Daniel Park and illustrated by Paul Pelletier and Andrew Hennessy, follows a group of retired Legends as they search for their missing friends after Dr. Nate "Steel" Heywood and Dr. Ray "The Atom" Palmer fail to show up for their monthly Time Bro man-date. It also takes place during the events of Season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow. The first Legends of Tomorrow comic book, slated to be released on May 3, 2022, could pave the way for a new medium to continue the Legends' exploits. While it may not be the big finale many had hoped for, it would provide some closure.

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