What do you think of Ryusei Yokohama's "Lines Draw Me" and other films released in October?

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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What do you think of the films released in October, including Ryusei Yokohama's "Lines Draw Me"?

From Nicolas Cage's film about the rebirth of a pig to Kristen Stewart's new film as Princess Diana, we have a selection of films you won't want to miss.

What do you think of Ryusei Yokohama's October release, "The Lines Are Drawing Me"?

Film Partners from (C) 2022 "It Lines Describes Me"

Nicolas Cage's pig movie has been adapted into a film starring Kristen Stewart as the former Princess Diana and Ryusei Yokohama from India. a24 movie and one other movie we recommend, so don't miss it.

The latest film from A24, plus one more. This movie is a 5-star favorite!

I'm a truffle hunter in the Oregon woods.

A lonely man in AA begins his journey in search of truffle pigs. .........

Nicolas Cage's phenomenal acting skills make this film, set in an impossible place, work. His presence alone makes the film work.

The protagonist does not say much, but his wistful gaze, sometimes compassionate expression, and commanding presence tell us that he is much more than a mere human being. He has a strange persuasive power that quietly affects the people he encounters on his journey to find the pig. Alex Wolff, who plays Nicolas' friend, looks more mature than he did in "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" and "Hereditary. It is a strange but profound drama about human nature that reminds us of the greatness of Nicolas Cage. ( TheRoyalFamilies

is a historic family, but now belongs to the British Royal Family. One of the greatest families in history, the British Royal Family has a long history, and former Princess Diana is the most beloved princess. This film is about the three days she spent on Christmas vacation in 1991 when she left the royal family. Although the film may offend, it shows a side of her that the paparazzi don't see.

The camera moves around Princess Diana's anxious and panicked inner life. There are fantastic scenes that transcend time and space, such as a chance encounter with Anne Boleyn. The images are full of tension, making it easy to imagine Diana's inner turmoil. The film reveals the chaotic life of Princess Diana and offers a new perspective on the British royal family, and was completed in three days. Kristen Stewart played the lead role. She embodied Princess Diana's appearance with her hair, makeup, and costumes. However, she also portrayed the inner life of Princess Diana, who was never at ease except when she was with her children. (The film is based on a novel by Hiromasa Tomoshiro. (Based on a novel by Hiromasa Tomoshiro.) The film depicts a young man who feels lost and finds the joy of life through an encounter with an ink painter.

Director Norihiro Koizumi brought out the charm of competitive karuta in the "Chihayafuru" series. This time, he chose Suiboku-ga (ink painting) as his subject. Although the word "Suiboku-ga" may seem a bit daunting, Koizumi's depiction of people and music transforms this film into an entertaining and energetic work of art.

You can see the beauty of art that reflects itself between the lines. It teaches us how important it is to face ourselves honestly and think simply. Ryusei Yokohama, who plays the main character, has a stoic and refined view of beauty that resonates with the viewer. Yokohama's sincere gaze evokes life-changing values and aspirations. (Editorial Department, Aki Katori) "Marvel

There is more than just that!

The latest film by S. S. Rajamauli, director of "Baahubali," which received a great response in Japan, depicts the friendship and battle between brothers on separate missions in the British colony of India in the 1920s.

The film depicts the friendship and battle between two brothers on different missions in British colonial India in the 1920s.

Bhim, the protagonist, and Rama, a supporting character, are as muscular and strong as Baahubali. Legend has it that the two were inspired by the true heroes of the Indian independence movement. Rajamauli" incorporates myth and historical fact to create a historical spectacle about two superhuman heroes. You will be impressed by the beautiful and excessive action scenes at the beginning of the film; at three hours, it's over in a flash. In the blink of an eye, three hours can fly by. Experiencing this extravaganza will make even Marvel movies seem small. This film has been praised by Marvel directors such as James Gunn and the Russo siblings. Don't miss the best dance scene of the year. (A24's

From the up-and-coming studio behind such sci-fi films as the new "Hereditary " and "Midsummer," this film depicts a future where AI robots are commonplace in the home.

This science fiction film is set in the near future where AI robots are commonplace in homes. Through the eyes of Yang, a misbehaving robot who has lost his memory, the film considers the nature of family and the existence of human beings.

The Japanese master Yasujiro Ozu, with whom Koganeda sympathizes, is the film's most distinctive feature. The Japanese wabi-sabi décor and beautiful shots that skillfully use natural light are unique and comforting, and, like his feature debut "Columbus," they remind us of the "Ozu-ism" of his films. In style, it is science fiction. The story unfolds by tracing the fragmented memories of a robot. Colin Farrell gives a warm and simple performance. Along with the theme music by Ryuichi Takamoto, the film offers an emotionally rich worldview. You will feel a pleasant glow after viewing the film.

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