Tsubasa Nakagawa of "Ears to the Future" looks like a gentleman at the age of 16.

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Cinema Today "Ears to the Future"|Cinema Today "Ears to the Future"|Cinema Today "Ears to the Future"|Cinema Today "Ears to the Future" Official Website Tsubasa Nakagawa [Geki wo Skipping Star Search Project] We take a closer look at the real faces of the actors who are expected to become stars of the next generation! |Cinema Today "Ears to the Future "Tsubasa Nakagawa [The 1st "Geki wo Skipping" Star Search Project] We take a closer look at the real faces of actors who are expected to become stars of the next generation.

Tsubasa Nakagawa is a 16-year-old who appears in "Mimi wo Summaseba.

Tsubasa Nakagawa (appearing in "Ears to the Future") [Vol. 1: Searching for the Next Generation of Stars

This program examines the faces and lives of future actors. This time we will focus on Tsubasa Nakagawa, who played the role of Seiji Amazawa as a junior high school student in the comic "Ears to the Future. Based on the best-selling comic by Aoi Hiiragi, this is a sweet and bitter coming-of-age story.

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Profile of Tsubasa Nakagawa

Date of BirthDecember 6, 2005
Birthplace. Kanagawa Prefecture
Maximum height: 170 cm
Blood Type.
Hobbies/Skills: reading, cooking (ukulele), basketball, soccer
Geography. first introduced as a model at age 4. Also appeared in movies. "The Town That Only I Am", "The Asada Family! Arc," and "Seeking the Light," as well as a lead role in a drama. Dramas: "Watashi wo Watashi wo Mawasanai", "I Missed You", "SP: Ryuhei Shimada School Police", and the historical drama "Kamakura Monogatari", etc. Television appearances include "Kamakura-dono no Jusannin".

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PRIVATE: Question and answer method to get to the real face.

Q: What is your current height?

My height is 170cm.

Q: What have you been doing since "Ears to the Future"?

It is ...... Q: What have you been doing since "Ears to the Past"? I haven't changed. I haven't grown much since I was in the second grade of junior high school. However, people I haven't seen in a while ask me, "Have you grown taller? " they ask me. They ask, "Have you grown taller? Whenever they ask me, I always answer the same way, "I haven't grown." (They say (laughs). Maybe it has grown just a millimeter.

Q: What movie are you looking forward to the most?

The Walking Dead. It seems like a lot of people are watching it. I don't know if it's scary or not, but it shouldn't be. ....... It is something I would like to see someday. It is not something I enjoy watching.

Q: Are you a movie-going person? Do you watch them in a movie theater or do you like to watch them at home?

I like movies best when I can watch them at home. But I also like the atmosphere of a movie theater, so I often go there.

Q: Your younger brother Nozomu Nakagawa, who is four years older than you, is also active as an actor. What kind of brother is he?

He is a competitive older brother. My brother is my best friend at school and at work. When he finds out that his brother got a job, he says, "Me too! he says. He says "Me too!" Every time he does, I think "Me too!" Our relationship is very close.

Q: Do you like reading "Ears to the Future" as much as Seiji does?

My favorite books are "Shinigami Hourly Wage: 300 Yen" and "Sannibo". I like these two books the most; I have read them five or six times. But I am not Seiji's sparkling prince. I am shy. .................. Many people say my first impression is scary and dark. I'm not sure if this is the right time to talk to you, even if I'm just anxious.

Q: What kind of personality do you have going to school?

With my friends, I get a little chatty (laughs). (Laughs). I often get made fun of. I like to laugh, so I often share good times with my friends.

Q: What are your strengths?

I am patient. Yuichiro Hirakawa-san was the director of "Ears to the Sky". I received my training there. I went to rehearsals every day during the summer vacation. It was a crazy workout. But I was able to keep going because I hate to lose, and I think it made me stronger.

Q: Where is your weakness?

It is that I do my homework last minute. I can't concentrate when I rush.

Q: What is your favorite subject?

Q: What is the difference between math and physical education? Because there are clear answers. It is easy to know the correct answer, and I enjoy being able to "do it. I enjoy physical education because I like to move.

Q: What are you currently involved in?

Soccer. 6 years ago, it became popular. At first I played with friends after school and during lunch breaks, but when I was in high school I decided to join a team sport. After graduating from high school, I decided to participate in team sports. Inspired by the comic book "Seishi," I joined my high school soccer team. I am the left side of the team. I started playing soccer in high school. However, I am confident in running. When I was in eighth grade, I did a shuttle run to test my endurance. I was in home economics at the time and was first in my grade.

Q: There is a line in "Ears to the Future" that says, "Dreams change their shape. Have your goals changed?

My goals have become clearer. My mother encouraged me to try modeling because I was shy. My shyness led me to modeling, and about four years later I started acting. I think that step by step I am getting closer to my goals and dreams. I am no longer shy.

Q: What part of acting interests you?

It is the feeling that the role belongs to you. From the beginning of the shoot until the final cut, I concentrate so hard that I lose my memory. Being able to create a role is what I enjoy the most.

Q: What is your goal as an actor?

It has been my major goal since I was a child. Masaki Sugata-san was my senior at the office. He was a "chameleon actor" in the "A Strange Story in the World" movie series. His role was one where he could transform into a different person with an injection. Mr. Sugata played that role perfectly. Chameleon actors are so cool. Inspired by Mr. Sugata, I always want to emulate him as a chameleon actor who also aspires to be a chameleon actor. My goal is to be natural in every role so that I don't end up like Tsubasa Nagawa.

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MOVIE Interview

Q: What did you think when you were chosen to appear in the movie "Ears to the Future"?

I had seen the animated film, so I was surprised when it was decided that I would be appearing in the "Ears to the Future" movie. I was surprised. This movie depicts the sweet and sour teenage years of junior high school students. Since I play the role of everyone's favorite Seiji Amazawa, I thought, "Oh, it's that Amazawa-kun! " I thought. It was a stressful job, wasn't it? It was a lot. I hoped I could play the role of Seiji Amazawa, who would not betray everyone's expectations.

Q: Was it a prince-like role?

It was tough (laughs). He was gorgeous, that was my first impression. I assumed he would have a beautiful, sharp face, but Director Hirakawa told me that he was more proud and sparkling than that. He instructed me to study Matsumoto Jun of "Boys Over Flowers" and Kimura Takuya, both played by Domyoji Tsukasa. They were shown on the screen at once, so I watched them all. Since Matsumoto-san played the role, I noticed the subtle tsundere aspects of his character. It was all there, from the way he spoke to the way he carried himself. Mr. Kimura puts his hand in his pocket when he speaks, but he only puts his thumb in. When I imitated him, the director laughed at me. (Laughs). (laughs). I used to be very similar to him.

Q: Did you ever get carried away with your emotions?

At first, Seiji hid his feelings for Shizuku, played by Ryuna Yasuhara. He falls in love at first sight, but has a hard time keeping it a secret from her. That was the hardest part. Jun Matsumoto's light was brilliant and it was the part I learned a lot from.

Q: How have you learned since working with Director Hirakawa on "The Town That Only I Am Not" and "Don't Let Me Go"? "

In the movie "The Town That Only I Am Not", I played the role of Tatsuya's child. During rehearsals, every time I approached him, he kept saying to me, "You are Tatsuya. During this time, I also often heard people say, "You are Seiji Amazawa. I was told that if I were Seiji, I should do the following. Then I started to prepare for the role.

Q: In the film, I suddenly felt that you resemble Momori Matsuzaka.

Nana Seino and Mr. Matsuzaka had a scene in which they played together. It was amazing to see Matsuzaka-san playing the cello. I am not good at it. I lost completely. ...... I really lost (laughs). It was a complete defeat. The cameraman asked me to steal his costume and try it out on the set. After the cut, the cameraman said, "You look like Momori Matsuzaka. I was a little closer. It was amazing that I was able to get so close. I was very happy.

Q: You didn't use him as a reference, but did you watch or copy his past performances on the set?

I tried to imitate Mr. Matsuzaka to express his mysterious atmosphere, sparkling aura, and prince-like appearance. When he played the cello, it was very cool how he raised his eyes from the bottom to the top. I tried to imitate that.

Q: Is it hard to learn how to play the cello?

Q: Was it difficult to play the cello? My hands became stiff because I had to use muscles I don't usually use rather than holding it. Also, you have to raise your elbows from your shoulders. It took me quite a while to master it. I had started playing the ukulele a while ago as a hobby, but this was my first time playing a real instrument like the cello.

Q: Please communicate with Runa Yasuhara, who plays Shizuku.

I am shy and have a hard time talking to strangers. But when she saw me, she came running and told me that I had grown 5 cm taller. I thought she was like a drop of liquid to me. She is like a drop of liquid! (Laughter). (I remember when she first appeared at the audition, I thought, "She is going to be Shizuku. Shizuku looked just like her. Her hair was short, too. During the filming, I felt as if I was talking to the original Shizuku.

Interview & Text by Shoko Asami, Photography by Kyo Hiraiwa


This film is a coming-of-age love story based on the best-selling comic by Aoi Hiiragi, who is also known for her animations for Studio Ghibli. It depicts the love story of a boy and a girl who are attracted to each other while pursuing their respective dreams, including their appearance 10 years later. Directed by Yuichiro Hirakawa of "Haru Waite Bokura" and "Memorial. I'll Never Forget You. Directed by Yuichiro Hirakawa, whose works include the "Haru Waite Bokura" and "Memory Shop: I'll Never Forget You" series, the film stars Tori Matsuzaka of "Newspaper Reporter" and "Honeybee and Thunder" as the main male and female characters.

On October 14, "Mimi wo Sumeba" will be released in movie theaters nationwide.