How to Install and Watch Paramount Plus on PS4 and Xbox?

Victoria| 2022-07-12
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Paramount Plus has been one of the top leading American streaming services. But a question arises, is Paramount Plus worth it? Well, the answer is YES! It is because it offers a wide variety of high-quality content from Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, CBS, and much more. That’s why it has gained the best Paramount Plus review from its subscribers. Paramount also offers its subscribers a huge range of live sports networks and breaking news worldwide. The content is primarily taken from the libraries of CBS.

In 2020, CBS content decided that it would now be branded as Paramount plus. Hence it was launched in 2021 with great success.

How to Watch Paramount Plus PS4?

PlayStation 4, also known as PS4, a home video game console by Sony Computer Entertainment, can easily access the Paramount Plus application and its huge variety of content.

Watch Paramount Plus PS4 with App Installation

You can follow these steps to get your Paramount Plus PS4 application without any error.

  1. At first, you need to connect your PS4 console and the preferred smart TV device with the help of an HDMI cable.
  2. Connect both the TV and the PS4 console to a strong Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the PlayStation Store to search for apps.

  1. Type in 'Paramount Plus' and enter search.
  2. Download and install the Paramount Plus application.
  3. Click to open the installed application.
  4. Sign up and activate the account using Paramount/PS4 on your device’s browser. Select your preferred Paramount Plus ‘Essential’ or ‘Premium’ Plan.
  5. Click to open Paramount+ Plus login, and enter your email and password to log into your account.

Enjoy a wide range of Movies, Sports, and Breaking News content on Paramount Plus/PS4.

Watch Paramount Plus PS4 with PS Remote Play

Here is how you can watch Paramount Plus/PS4 with PS Remote Play.

  1. You can add your Paramount Plus PS4 application with the help of PS remote play by following a few simple steps.
  2. Connect your Ps4 and TV with an HDMI cable.
  3. Enable the Remote Play feature by clicking on 'Settings' and then choosing 'Remote Play Connection Settings.
  4. Choose your PS4 as a primary source from the settings, and activate it from Account Management.

  1. Set up your PS4 on ‘Rest Mode’ from Settings and Power save setting screen.
  2. Tick the following checkboxes, and set it up as 'Available in rest mode.'
  3. Check the boxes containing the text: 'Stay Connected to the Internet or 'Enable Turning on PS4 from Network'.
  4. Take your phone and connect it to the same internet connection.
  5. Open your phone's play store and install the PS Remote Play and Paramount Plus applications.

  1. Sign up and open for Paramount Plus activate through the account following Paramount/ps4 on your device's browser. Select your preferred Paramount Plus 'Essential' or 'Premium' Plan.
  2. Sign in to the applications using your PS Remote Play and Paramount+ Plus login details.
  3. Connect your phone and PS4, and your phone’s display will instantly appear on PS4 connected TV Screen.
  4. Click to play any Paramount Plus video on your phone to stream it further on your PS4 console.

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How to Watch Paramount Plus Xbox?

Xbox, the video gaming brand consisting of game consoles, streaming services, and an online service initiated by Microsoft, can access Paramount plus without any difficulty.

Watch Paramount Plus/Xbox

Paramount’s on-demand access to 12,000 plus TV shows, movies, sports, news, and episodes can be streamed on Xbox by setting up Paramount Plus/Xbox without much hassle.

  1. Switch your Xbox console ON, and connect it to a strong Wi-Fi network.
  2. Move to the home screen and click on 'My Games and Apps.
  3. Click on the application’s menu to select the Microsoft Store Application.

  1. In the search icon, type in 'Paramount Plus.'
  2. Install the application; it might take around two minutes to complete the installation process.
  3. After the installation is completed, launch the application on your Xbox Console.
  4. An activation code will appear to activate Paramount Plus/Xbox.
  5. You can also sign in directly through the Paramount Plus account on Xbox by choosing 'Sign In.'
  6. From your smartphone or any other device, go to Paramount Plus and activate the website from the browser. Sign in using Paramount+ Plus login.
  7. Enter your Paramount Plus Activation code to complete the Paramount Plus activate the process.

This is how you can watch a number of movies on Paramount Plus Xbox.

Watch Paramount Plus/Xbox with Cast Support

The Paramount Plus application comes with inbuilt cast support. With the help of cast, you can easily cast Paramount Plus Xbox content from your iPhone or Android phone straight to your Xbox console.

  1. Install the Paramount Plus application on your smartphone.
  2. Connect your devices, the smartphone, and the Xbox console to a strong Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open the Paramount Plus app from your smartphone, and play your favorite video.
  4. Tap on the 'Airplay' or 'Cast' icon.
  5. A list of devices will instantly display.
  6. Choose your preferred device, I.e., Xbox console.
  7. Now your selected video will start casting on your Xbox console, and you can stream Paramount Plus/Xbox.

How Do You Get Paramount Plus content for Free?

Paramount Plus content can be accessed when you subscribe to its Essential or Premium Plan. Depending on the plan type, it costs the users around $5 to $100. But what if you cannot carry on with the monthly or yearly Paramount Plus Plan payments? The best solution for this issue lies in a third-party app YouTuParamount+, which is a Paramount Plus Downloader.

This app reliably allows you to download any kind of content from Paramount Plus to enjoy watching it later, even when you don't have the Paramount Plus subscription anymore. The experience sounds more like a free Paramount Plus.

YouTuParamount+ Amazing Features

This app offers a number of amazing features that make it even more commendable.

Video Quality: YoutTuParamount allows you to download Paramount Plus content in up to 1080p.

This enables you to watch it in the best video quality that can also satisfy the view of a smart TV's big screen.

Video Format: This app can save any of the Paramount Plus movies or TV shows offline as Mp4 or MKV files.

Batch Mode: Its Batch mode allows you to download a set of videos all at once easily.

Dolby 5.1 Sound: YoutuParamount+ saves an extraordinary sound quality to make your watching experience even more amazing.

Ad Removal: You don't need to tolerate the interruptions the ad causes; because YouTuParamount+ eliminates any kind of ad during its downloading process.

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That is how you can watch your favorite movies like; The Offer Paramount Plus/PS4 and Xbox console. An even more appealing way is to download your favorite content with the help of YouTuParamount+ Downloader and watch it later, even without any internet or Paramount content access.