How to reset Firestick Remote: 5 Causes & Fixes with Steps & Instructions

Victoria| 2022-07-04
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You can't deny that technologies and devices have been evolving with lightning speed, and the online entertainment world is emerging at a rapid pace. So, in this situation, the most competent service of Firestick is a savior to convert your not-so-smart TV into the smartest one. With this revolutionary device, you can enjoy the entire ocean of online content on any of your old versions of regular TV. However, Firestick always comes with a firestick remote that sometimes bothers you while operating. So don't worry; this article will guide you to solve multiple issues causing the "firestick remote not working" problem.


Are you probably tired of trying too many tricks and techniques to reset the Firestick remote, but nothing works for you? So, in this article, you can have the most effective and systematic solutions for "how to reset firestick remote" on your own. Before starting with the answers, you must know the possible reasons for the Firestick remote app not working.

Once you target the cause, it will be easier to pick the exact solution for it instead of trying out multiple ineffective solutions. Through this article, you will get the most common five reasons for a firestick not working with the most specific steps and instructions on how to "reset firestick remote."

Top 5 Reasons & Fixes for the Firestick Remote Not Working Issue

1. Remote's Battery: Wrong Installation or Poor Condition

This issue usually occurs when you have installed the battery of the Firestick remote inappropriately, the battery is running out of power, or mistakenly inserted the damaged one. Since the remote works with the support of the internet via Bluetooth and not through infrared, the internet connection becomes poor if the remote's battery doesn't work correctly. So, whatever could be the cause, you will end up having the "firestick remote app" not working error. However, here you go with the steps to fix the error.


● Take out the batteries from the remote.

● Reinstall them inside the remote while correctly placing the top and back of the batteries.

● While going through the battery compartment, you can see the diagram with the direction of battery installation.

● Insert brand-new batteries.

● If it still doesn't work, you must try an alkaline battery with 1.5V instead of a rechargeable one with 1.2V.

2. Remotes' Incompatibility with Device

Usually, the Firestick remote that comes with the Firestick device is automatically paired with each other when you use them. However, it becomes incompatible over time because of excess glitches. On the other hand, to fix this incompatibility issue, you must know how this process works.

Even though the remote works through the internet connection, it doesn't give a direct signal to the TV. Instead, the remote sends the signals to the Firestick device and, in turn, the TV through the CEC-enabled HDMI plug. So, if there is any interruption in this entire process, it can cause a firestick not working issue.

So, follow the steps of "how to reset firestick remote" to re-pair the remote with the device.


● Turn on the Firestick while plugged in.

● Wait for your FireTV to turn on.

● Keep the remote closed to the Firestick.

● Press & hold the "Home" button shown on the remote.

● Hold it for at least 10 seconds and release the button to check whether the remote works again or not.

● If the remote still fails to work, try the process repeatedly; it may take several attempts to reset firestick remote.

3. New Remote Incompatibility with Existing Firestick Device

If you are thinking about a Firestick remote replacement to get rid of the existing damaged one, don't forget to test the compatibility of the new remote with your current device. Despite trying out the steps mentioned above on how to reset Firestick, if the new remote still doesn't get paired with the existing Firestick, you can try the firestick remote app through your smartphone. Android Fire TV app or iPhone FireTV app can do the job in a very effective way.

Follow the steps of "how to program firestick remote" on a smartphone, and you will be sorted with this issue.


● After downloading the "FireTV" app on your smartphone, switch on the TV by pressing the "power" switch shown on the remote.

● Log into your Fire TV account through your smartphone.

● Go for the "Fire TV" device from the app.

● Your TV screen will display a code, copy it, and put it in the app.

● You are good to go with your Firestick remote app on your smartphone.

4. Distance or Obstruction Between Remote & Device

Even though theoretically, there is a standard distance of 30 feet between the Firestick remote and the firestick device that could be maintained, practically, it is less than 30 feet. If there is any hindrance between the remote and the device, the remote may not work since it is supported through Bluetooth.

If the remote had a Wi-Fi connection, there might be no connectivity issue. However, if proximity would resolve the Firestick remote not working issue, try using the extension dongle of the Firestick to change the device's position. Let's see the steps to bypass obstruction or distance issues.


● Keep the remote very close to the Firestick device.

● Discard the obstacles, if there are any, between the remote and device.

● If the Firestick is placed inside any closed cabinet, take it out and check if the remote is still working or not.

● Being a Bluetooth remote Firestick remote is quite sensitive to any interference. So, ensure that the remote is not interrupted by wireless devices like wireless speakers, phones, coaxial cables, microwave ovens, or something else.

5. Remote's "No Light" Issue or Remote Doesn't Work After Update

If your Firestick remote doesn't show light, you need to plug out the Firestick from the device and wait for 20 seconds. After that, you can plug in the Firestick and check whether or not the firestick remote gets back its light. If reconnection doesn't solve the remote's "light missing" issue, you can try the firestick resetting steps mentioned above in the "Remote's incompatibility with device" option. You can also try this reset firestick remote option if it stopped working after its recent update.

Last Tips

So, you know that you can quickly resolve your Firestick remote not working issue with a few clicks in under minutes. Now, you better start trying all the above steps unless your problem gets solved permanently. Otherwise, to fix your how to restart firestick issue, you can find the specific reasons behind it and go for the most precise solution.