Is Resident Alien Season 2 on Amazon Prime? Is It Interesting to Watch?

Victoria| 2022-06-28
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Resident Alien is one of the most fascinating shows ever made. Simply put, it has this enigma and mystery built around the idea of aliens and how they exist on earth. Its story and the theme are based on the enigma of aliens and yet normalizing and anti-thesis the imagination of extraterrestrial beings.

It is a series created by Syfy hence, sorry to break the bubble it won’t feature itself in streamers like Amazon Prime, it is very unlikely. Alan Tudyk is the sailor of this series, playing the title role and helping the show to reach its shores. Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse’s amazing comic book series played a significant role in assuring a certain direction to the show. The Resident Alien season 2 seems to be a plethora of aliens, humans, and everything in between, let’s look at all of it in detail.

Why Is Resident Alien Season 2 Interesting?

Resident Alien season 2 is amazing. It is also because the show is so much about fantasies that we have regarding aliens, the outer world, and things that are beyond human perception. It’s a science-fiction comedy much like shows like ‘The Big Bang Theory, which is the only comparison that can be done with a show like the Resident Alien.

The non-resident alien aspect of the show is so much explored, it’s amazing. The plot itself is great, it focuses on How an Alien was supposed to destroy the earth but then after visiting earth he has to go back. But then a human baby, Max sneaked into the spaceship without the alien’s notice and hence he had to return.

While returning his spaceship was broken into multiple pieces and he lost his memory. Then he had his memory back and he remembered his goal where he came to earth to only destroy it.

When Was Resident Alien Season 2 Released?

Resident Alien season 2 release date was kind of on the same page as the rest of the channels that were about to telecast the show. In Feb 2020, NBC’s SYFY decided to air the show. Once that was decided, CTV from Canada and the SKY channel in the UK also released the episodes on Jan 13, 2021. There was a delay in the release of the show and that messed up the scheduling process. The coronavirus pandemic also impacted the release date significantly pushing it backward.

Where Is Resident Alien Filmed?

Resident Alien has become one of the most sought-after shows. Since a lot of its production work was done by Syfy, which means that Canada will have prominence in the shooting locations. Let’s discuss it more:

Resident Alien has been shot in quite an amazing way. As per sources, the principal photography of the show was shot in Delta, British Columbia in Canada. The conclusion of Resident Alien season 1 happened in October 2020. As far as the second season is concerned, most of the filming for the 2nd season was shot in Ladysmith, British Columbia. The filming of the plot happened in August 2021 and then got concluded in April 2022. There are two parts to the season 2 feature of the show. Both of the parts have now been released.

Resident Alien Cast

The story does weigh to justify its immaculate being. But more than that, good stories are very useful and lustrous in their epoch of storytelling. Good storytelling is such an amazing art that we hardly dive into the essence of what it is. Let’s know about the cast of Resident Alien.

  • Alan Tudyk became the very character being Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle.
  • Sara Tomko plays the role of Asta Twelvetrees, she is an assistant to the town doctor and belongs to a native American tribe.
  • Corey Reynolds as Mike Thompson. He plays the role of the Town Sheriff and he requests everyone to call him a nickname which is quite a funny one, ‘Big Black’.
  • Alice Wetterlund as Darcy Bloom is kind of the Skii guide. She’s a mountaineer, an expert in cold climate expeditions, and also makes use of her mountaineering skills to use in the event of an avalanche.
  • Ben Hawthorne, the character played by Levi Fehler, is the charming young Mayor. He is quite the contrast to his wife who is exceptionally dominating.
  • Judah Prehn is a character of Max. He is amazing as he can see through Alan or Dr. Harry.
  • Elizabeth Bowen plays the character Liv Baker, she is a deputy to the sheriff.

Characters That Come On and Off on the Show

  • Ben Cotton as Jimmy.
  • Meredith Garretson as Kate Hawthorne.
  • Gracelyn Awad Rinke plays Sahar.
  • Kaylayla Raine plays Jay.
  • Deborah Finkel as Abigail Hodges
  • Jenna Lamia as Judy Cooper
  • Gary Farmer as Dan Twelvetrees
  • Diana Bang as Nurse Ellen Cho
  • Mandell Maughan as Lisa Casper

Resident Alien Episodes

Resident Alien has a total of 18 episodes released as of now, the next part of 8 episodes of Resident Alien Season 2 is yet to be released. In season 1, episode 1 which was released on Jan 27, 2021, all episodes were not being aired.

Once the whiff of air is done, you need to know that season 2 has almost a ton of episodes and hence it was released on Jan 26, 2022. The 2nd leg of another 18 episodes will be released in mid-2022. Probably, July or August. Every week, the episodes will be uploaded.

Is Resident Alien on Amazon Prime?

Resident Alien cannot be on Amazon Prime, as it has been produced by Syfy and not by Amazon Studios. You need to look for alternate titles, TBBT (The Big Bang Theory) is a show quiet on similar genre lines. The humor in both is starkly different. If anyone wants to experience that they should tune into places where the show is available.

Where Can You Watch Resident Alien?

If Resident Alien is part of Syfy which is again part of the NBC Universal Comcast network, it will directly mean that they will be in Peacock among the streamers. Peacock is where the Resident Alien can be watched and accessed. So here is the fun thing, you can watch it for free at Peacock. Just type in your email and proceed with the signing-up process.

If you still want to watch the show on Amazon Prime, I would only suggest that you can look for renting options. It will cost you $1.99 if you want to rent it in SD quality. For HD quality you need to pay $2.99 to watch it. If for instance, you want to buy the show for SD quality the charges will be $1.99 for rent. And it will cost you $16.99 for the full purchase.

How to Download Movies and Series from Amazon Prime?

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Final Thoughts

Resident Alien is a sci-fi comedy movie that gives you the laughs with middling scientific fervor. If you like weird and wacky comedy this is the show for you.