Everything We Know About The Sandman Netflix So Far

Victoria| 2022-07-01
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The Sandman is finally getting the screen space it deserves. Sandman exists as DC’s most prized possession. Lots of attempts went on to make this marvelous masterpiece. Something or the other hindered the development of the show. The avid writer who wrote this masterpiece went to Warner Bros as a first attempt to get it on the screens.

But alas, that did not happen. Sandman is unique in a way because it includes a whole host of fresh characters and their contribution to the story. From literary geniuses to modern superheroes. And since all of it is based on dreams that makes this show an ultimate masterpiece. The Sandman comic book part of the DC universe is Neil Gaiman’s treasure trove, let’s know more about this series.

The Sandman DC Comic Series

The Sandman is part of the DC comic world. Written by Neil Gaiman, Sandman or Morpheus/Kaiquul is a strange character as it is the ruler of dreams. The one who sees him is rather seeing themselves not him. He’s a mere reflection of someone’s self. Sandman is a beautiful series where the King of Dreams while exploring comes to terms with his shortcomings as he visits some deep wounds that he has gotten in the past. It’s a beautiful story magnetically penned in trying to capture science fiction and the world of dark fantasy.

Who Is The Sandman?

Sandman is the king of the kingdom of dreams and dreaming. He was trapped in the shackles through an occult ritual in 1916. After 150 years, he finally tastes freedom and then tries to bring order into the world of dreaming. The show explores the upper extremities of the dream world and Sandman/Kaiqul/Morpheus exists as a force to see him when you dream. But here is the thing you do not see him rather you see yourself in the mirror. He’s just a reflection of what lies ahead of you.

The Sandman Cast

When we try to think about a TV show like Sandman, it’s important to remember that the story it resembles requires a lot of action and conscience. To an extent, it can be said that the Sandman exists because of the Cast that is acting on the show. Here’s a list of all the great cast members that have done themselves proud because of this amazing show. Here comes the list:

  • Tom Sturridge plays the lead here as Morpheus / Dream. He rules the dream world and also the dreaming.
  • Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar. He is the ruler of hell.
  • Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne. She manages the library of dreams.
  • Boyd Holbrook plays Corinthia. He was able to run away from the dreaming mostly because he is a nightmare.
  • Charles Dance as Roderick Burgess plays an occultist.
  • Abel played by Asim Chaudhry is a resident of the Dreaming
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar plays Cain. He is the brother of Asim
  • Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death. She is a wiser death comparatively as she is a sister.
  • Mason Alexander Park plays Desire.

When Will Sandman Release?

The Sandman release date is August 5, 2022. You still have time to wait for the show. It has been quite a while in terms of giving this amazing experience. People already had lost hope, they thought Vertigo comics verse is part of the rage now. DC bought Sandman in 1988 and then helped him to get premium access into the superhero world, especially alongside members of the Justice League. The movie created a lot of crazes and became the center of attention. Here’s the first look at the show.

The Sandman | Date Announcement | Netflix

Know More About Lucifer - Dc's Ultimate Villain

Lucifer is the antagonist of the film. It has been clear by now that as Morpheus was the dream king acted as a ruler of the positive aspects of the story. In the same way, Lucifer builds the negative domain of the story. The journey of Lucifer starts when he rebels against Yahweh, Lucifer’s father had two sons. One was named Michael and the other Samael. Samael acted as a strong deterrent in heaven. Because he rebelled he was sent to be the ruler of hell.

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He was given the duty to punish people who have sinned. His primary intent was to close in on mortals and let them commit mistakes. In the end-time, he would swoop in and punish them. As Lucifer was the king of Hell, he ruled for many years and hence he wanted to look for other options. He also thought what had happened to him was unjustified. When he first came to Hell he met Morpheus or Sandman. Sandmen laughed at him and said, “What’s the point of calling me in Hell?” Lucifer was angry and hence Sandman became Lucifer’s one the most heinous enemies.

Who Is 'John Constantine'?

New aspects and angles of the superhero stories have come to light in recent times. John Constantine also known as the ‘Hellblazer' is an occultist, warlock, conman, and anti-hero powerful man. There has been a controversy lurking in recent times because in The Netflix series, there is no John Contastine but there exists someone called Johanna Constantine and she is a different character altogether. People thought that Netflix is twisting the story because of doing more female characters and hence upholding diversity.

People were enraged, fearing and assuming the worst out of the show. One more issue that got a lot of attention was the use of a lady as Lucifer. It is usually mentioned that angels or the endless people do not have any life expectancy and neither do they owe genitals. But on a whole, Gwendolin Charlies pulled off the character in a very beautiful manner and purely delivered what was needed.

Johanna does however have an association with John. She was his grandmother. Jonna was a twin but due to unforeseen circumstances, her sister died. Constantine have a curse that if they can kill someone of their kind you even get the power of the other person.

How to Download Sandman on Netflix?

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Final Thoughts

Sandman is such an interesting movie. Being from Vertigo/DC, it’s unbelievable that a script like this wasn’t picked up earlier. Though everyone agreed to get it on the screen on August 5 when the masterpiece will be telecasted on Netflix.