Is Creepshow Season 3 on Peacock? How Can I Watch It Online and Offline?

Victoria| 2022-06-28
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Creepshow does score the points on being the creep in the room. It crawls underneath your skin and fills your gut with disgust. Stephen King and George A Romero’s rendition of this awesome movie, Creepshow is amazing. In the 80s the same movie was released. There is a Creepshow Comics series as well where the plot is often engaged in anthology-type stories bound together under a common fold. However, all the inspiration for the series seems to be the movie as it follows the movie and starts from the point where the story had ended. Let’s know more about Creepshow and its seasons.

Know More About The Creepshow TV Series

Creepshow follows the format of anthologies, which means that separate stories are bridged and linked under a common theme. People who are not familiar with the term can try watching some other horror anthologies so that the plot can be easily comprehended by them. The show’s format is pretty simple, Host Creep actually introduces the show and then takes it off from there. This show has all the brute/dark demons that we often associate with as bad. It’s surprising How Creep is a comedic and fun prankster at the same time.

Creepshow as of now has 3 seasons, It also has specials but we will discuss the specials later. In the 3 seasons, Season 1 had a total of 6 episodes and it was released in September 2019 and then ended in October 2019. Creepshow season 2 and Creepshow season 3 are now important seasons and can influence the story, These seasons also got released in April 2021. Creepshow season 3 again was released in September 2021 and October 2021. Lovers of this series can celebrate now as the show/TV series has finally gotten a renewal contract. You can now wait for the Creepshow season 4.

Where to Watch Creepshow?

Creepshow is part of the AMC networks, which makes it an amazing show with horror flair. It is primarily broadcasted on ‘Shudder’. One of the most overused queries has been regarding Creepshow being part of Peacock. Well, you can surely catch all the Creepshow action over there as well. Creepshow is only on Peacock and Amazon Prime since both of these streamers are part of the big 5 groups amassing a wide audience and hence counting on its popularity. Sadly on the other 3 Netflix, Hulu and Disney Creepshow are not present.

There are other options as well. Since AMC’s Shudder (OTT that particularly likes to delve into the inverted idea of supernaturals and monsters), AMC+ streaming app, Vudu, Roku AMC+, Amazon Prime, iTunes, and Youtube premium. Except for OTT subscription services like AMC+, and Shudder. The rest provides you with a rent option. You can choose to pay as per your convenience either the entire series or just the episode.

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How to Watch Creepshow Online and Offline?

As said above, Creenshow is available on Peacock, so you can watch it online over there. But, to watch offline, you need to download it to your device which is not allowed on Peacock. So, there is a need of a third party tool YouTuPeacock which can help you download the show in just a few clicks from Peacock. The downloader has many great features which aid you in downloading the movies and shows from Peacock in HD quality.

Special Episodes of Creepshow

If you have watched Creepshow you might know that episodes of the series are completely different. Creepshow did have a hiatus between the release of Creepshow 2 and Creepshow 3. It was during the time of filming in Georgia that Creepshow became the part and parcel of a continuum. So from September 2020 to December 2020, Creepshow had two specials, one Creepshow animated horror and the other Creepshow Holiday specials. I think the specials, especially the latter, were introduced for holidays including Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Creepshow Cast

For any show to succeed if it has a solid script. It will require tons of good actors that can justify their respective roles in the plot. Here are some amazing actors that took part in this anthology. In April 2019, for season 1 the final cast members were picked up and finalized. Creepshow 2019 had an amazing star seed that included Adrienne Barbeau, Giancarlo Esposito, and Tobin Bell. More people got finalized for the first season which was to be held in 2019, that includes, Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Davison, DJ Qualls, Big Boi, and Kid Cudi.

Creepshow 2021 is the 3rd season while the second season which was released in 2020 had alternatively picked up the cast firstly in September 2020, the list includes Anna Camp, Adam Pally, Josh McDermitt, Keith David, and Ashley Laurence. October 2020, other cast members also joined the show, Marilyn Manson, Ali Larter, Iman Benson, Ryan Kwanten, Barbara Crampton, C. Thomas Howell, Denise Crosby, Breckin Meyer, Ted Raimi, Kevin Dillon, and Eric Edelstein.

The recently released Creepshow which was released last year in September and October also had a great casting choice. Here is the list:

King Bach, Ethan Embry, Michael Rooker, James Remar, Reid Scott and Johnathon Schaech.

Creepshow Comics

Creepshow Comics is another important aspect that has been brought alive. Comics as of now are being inspired by the recent movies that have acquired the inspiration from earlier Creepshow comics line or series. In the 50s and 60s, Creepshow was inspired in the 80s by its unique appeal of being a horror merged comedy show. Creepshow art was magnanimous and hence that sort of created something as a treasured memory of seeing monsters, demons, creatures, ghosts, ghouls, gore everything from blood to bones being unapologetically put on either on screens or the comic book pages.

Creepshow has brought out the big guns and that has become clearer with each passing time. We can further see How a 5 issue anthology comic has been created and it includes some of the best people in the comic world, cinematic directors, fantasy writers, and even ghost enthusiasts.

Creepshow also has achieved a massive feat in terms of inculcating very opposing points of view. It did bring a new revolution in terms of telling people that entertaining Mcabre can work. Ghost hunters and people who are deeply in love with the show loved this new-age horror-comedy that sort of adjusts to your taste as per what’s there and not there.

Creepshow Last Season Episodes

Creepshow season 3 as you know is an anthology which means the stories that are presented in the show cannot be complete. The episodes feature 2 stories at a time. It only exists in bits and pieces, Here’s a list of 6 episodes:

Episode 1- Mums & Queen Bee.

Episode 2 - Skeletons on the Closet & Familiar.

Episode 3 - The last Tsuburaya & Ok I’ll bite.

Episode 4 - Stranger sings & Meter reader

Episode 5 - Time Out & Things in Oakwood past.

Episode 6 - Drug Traffic & A Dead Girl named Sue

Final Words

Creepshow is a great TV series and people who like to blend comedy and horror, they will like this show very much. If you like to yell after getting scared and also laugh at the same time. This movie shall be your first choice.