Explains how to record, download, and save Rakuten TV on your computer

Hyou| 2022-08-26
YouTuParavi: Paravi Video Downloader
YouTuParavi: Paravi ダウンローダーは、スマートでかつ安全なツールで、楽に動画をダウンロードすることができます。

Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV) is a leading streaming service that has abundant content in a wide range of genres, including foreign and Japanese movies, domestic and international dramas, sports, variety shows, and adult entertainment.

Here, you can easily find valuable and hard-to-find content. Many will think, "What a waste not to download and save such rare content!"

This article explains how to record, download, and save Rakuten TV on your computer. Why use a computer instead of a smartphone? Keep reading.

How to screen record Rakuten TV on your phone

When I try to record the screen of Rakuten TV with the iPhone's screen recording function, the screen turns black, "Program playback is disabled during screen recording" is displayed, and the video pauses, as shown in the following figure.

In fact, screen recording is basically prohibited on iPhone and Android smartphones specifications and video streaming services for copyright reasons. It is quite complicated to screen record Rakuten TV with a smartphone because the screen darkens and the audio is blocked when you operate the recording with your phone.

In short, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to screen record Rakuten TV from a smartphone. Instead, you must make a screen recording on your computer and then transfer it to your smartphone.

How to download Rakuten TV on a PC

As mentioned above, it is quite difficult to record Rakuten TV videos on your smartphone, but you can manage to do so using a PC. Moreover, you can safely download the videos without the need to worry about being discovered by the distributor.

Here, we introduce YouTuFab Downloader, which anyone can easily use to download videos from many streaming services, such as Netflix, U-NEXT, Amazon Prime Video, hulu, Rakuten TV, etc. With YouTuFab, you can download videos in 1080p and save subtitles in SRT format. No need to follow the recording screen and slowly record the video. The video download will be completed in a few minutes.

Below are the steps to download Rakuten TV videos with YouTuFab.

Download and install the application from the official YouTuFab website. YouTuFab is available in two versions, Windows and Mac OS.

2. Launch YouTuFab and select "Rakuten TV" from "VIP Services" in the interface.

Once you are on the official Rakuten TV website, log in and purchase the video you wish to watch.

4. After purchasing, you will be redirected to the detail page of this video, where you will find that some videos on Rakuten TV have free content.

5. Click the play button, then click "DRMM3U8" in the upper left corner of the play page, and a pop-up window will appear.

6. In the pop-up window, select your desired video mode, quality, subtitles, audio, etc.

6. If you want to download the video now, click "Download Now" to start downloading. If you want to add other videos to download at once, check the videos you want to download and click "Add to Queue" to download them all at once later.

7. View or edit the downloaded videos in "Downloading".

How to record Rakuten TV (Rakuten TV) screen on PC

Leawo Screen Recorder YouTuFab is a professional recording tool that allows you to record your PC screen in high quality and sound, not only Rakuten TV, but also TVer, GYAO, Netflix, AbemaTV, and other video streaming services. And it's easy to use with rich features like timer recording, scheduled recording, adding watermarks, and more!

A professional recording tool that allows you to record your computer screen in high quality and with sound, as well as screen recordings of Rakuten TV and other video services such as TVer, GYAO, Netflix, and AbemaTV. In addition, it is easy to use with rich functions such as timed recording, scheduled recording, and more!

Next, we will explain how to record your Rakuten TV screen using Leawo Screen Recorder.

1. Launch Leawo Screen Recorder. Select the "Screen Record" module.


2. You can freely specify the range of recording (full screen, specific window, etc.).


3. After setting the recording range, set the audio output destination and volume. After settings are complete, click the red "REC" button to begin screen recording.


4. Once screen recording begins, a control bar will appear. Click the red "STOP" button to end screen recording.


5. The "Recording History" panel allows you to playback and manage the videos that have been recorded.



In this article, we have introduced two ways to save Rakuten TV videos on your PC. Both of them can be said to be easy, but in terms of time, downloading videos using YouTuFab is faster. For this reason, more and more people are using downloading software rather than recording software these days. We encourage you to give it a try.