Explains how to download Onlyfans videos to your PC or smartphone for free.

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Onlyfans offers exclusive access to adult content. onlyfans has a monthly subscription, but is it possible to save images and videos? In this article, we will show you how to save images and videos on onlyfans and what you need to know.

How to capture videos from onlyfans on your phone

iPhone] Capturing Videos

Next, we will show you how to capture images and videos on your iPhone.

To capture images and videos

1. Open the Settings app

2. Tap Control Center > Add Control > Screen Capture

3. Open the screen you wish to capture.

4. Open the iPhone Control Center

5. Tap the Screen Capture icon

and you are OK.

After tapping the screen capture icon, the capture will start after a count of 3 seconds.

You can also tap the screen capture icon again to save the image/video.

Android】Video Capture

The next step is to capture images and videos on Android.

Capturing images and videos on Android can be done with the following methods

  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder
  • Google Play Games
  • Viva Video - Video Editing & Video Creation & Video Processing
  • Lollipop Screen Recorder
  • Apowersoht Android Capture App
  • V Recorder Screen Capture - sound and video editor

We recommend using apps such as

Unlike iPhone, Android has poor screen capture functionality and is not suitable for saving ONLYFANS images and videos.

Therefore, we recommend using apps available on Google Play to save them.

How to save videos with Chrome extensions

First, we will show you how to save ONLYFANS images and videos using Google Chrome extensions.

The two Google Chrome extensions are as follows

Downloader for Onlyfans.com

Download videos from Onlyfans.com

The first two are

These are prepared only for saving ONLYFANS images and videos, so you can save them smoothly.

Let's take a look at them one by one.

Chrome Extension] Downloader for Onlyfans.com

The first one is Downloader for Onlyfans.com.

Downloader for Onlyfans.com can be downloaded from here.

If you can add Downloader for Onlyfans.com to your Google Chrome extension

Access onlyfans in your browser

Open the content you want to save

Scroll down and click "Download

Click on "Save" to save the image/video.

With Downloader for Onlyfans.com, you can save images and videos in an instant.

However, Downloader for Onlyfans.com can only save free content, not locked paid content.

If you want to save paid content using Downloader for Onlyfans.com, you must purchase the paid content in advance.

Chrome Extension] Download videos from Onlyfans.com

Next is "Download videos from Onlyfans.com".

Download videos from Onlyfans.com is here.

If you can add Download videos from Onlyfans.com to your Google Chrome extension

Access onlyfans in your browser

Open the content you want to save

Scroll down and click "Download

Click on "Save" to save the image/video.

The saving process at Download videos from Onlyfans.com is not much different from the previous extensions.

Although the operating company is different, the content is 99% similar, so you can use either Download videos from Onlyfans.com or the previous extension.

Install either one and save the content from onlyfans.

How to download Onlyfans videos on PC

How to download ONLYFANS videos if you can't capture them

If you are unable to capture ONLYFANS videos, try downloading the videos If you want to download ONLYFANS videos to your PC, you will need a professional download software. Video getters

Extensions such as [YouTuFab Downloader ] are no longer useful, so here we recommend a professional downloader [YouTuFab Downloader].

YouTuFab can not only easily download videos from video sharing sites YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, ONLYFANS, etc., but also from streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, ONLYFANS Video, FANZA, etc. Netflix, Disney+, FANZA, etc. You can download content from a wide range of video streaming services.

When you use YouTuFab to download ONLYFANS videos, you can download videos in the best Full HD quality and save videos in MP4 format. A 30-minute video can be downloaded in a few minutes.

The following are the steps to download ONLYFANS videos with YouTuFab.

1. download YouTuFab from the official website youtufab.com.

Once you open the downloaded folder, follow the instructions to complete the installation in 1-2 minutes. 2.

2. launch YouTuFab and enter the Onlyfans URL (onlyfans.com) in the address bar to go to the Onlyfans homepage.

3. once you are on the Onlyfans video site, first log in. Next, check the works of the creators you have already subscribed to. Also, play the content you wish to download.

    You will be redirected to the "Download" page.

4. Go to the video playback page, select the desired quality, audio, etc. in the pop-up window that appears, and click "Download Now" to start downloading.

Capture? Download? Which is easier to use?

Earlier, we introduced two ways to save ONLYFANS videos to your PC. So, which is easier to use to save ONLYFANS videos, capture or download?

First of all, in conclusion, the download software is better for capturing ONLYFANS videos because it has two drawbacks.

  • The time required to capture is almost the same as for a video.
  • The computer that is capturing the video is capturing the video, so it cannot be used.

However, with download software, you can freely use your computer while downloading ONLYFANS videos, and you can download videos in a short time. Therefore, download software is better in terms of time consumption, and we recommend [ YouTuFab Downloader] if you want to save ONLYFANS videos on your computer.