Is HBO Max on Roku: Here's an Answer to All Your Questions

Victoria| 2022-06-30
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Summary: HBO Max is one of the most popular streaming channels in the United States with its suite of movies, series, popular TV shows, and Originals. Many viewers look for ways to watch HBO Max on Roku as it makes their viewing experience seamless and hassle-free. However, the question is, does Roku have HBO Max? Yes, it now has, as Roku has recently added HBO Max to its gamut of channels. So you can now easily watch HBO Max on Roku by following specific simple guidelines.


With HBO launching its brand new streaming channel HBO Max, it has placed itself in direct competition with OTT giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. With your subscription, you can watch all of the current HBO content apart from a plethora of movies, series, TV shows, and Max Originals. It is pretty easy to watch HBO Max even if you are subscribed to HBO Now by simply entering your credentials from your cable or satellite provider or with your existing HBO e-mail id and password. However, knowing which devices support HBO Max and whether you can play HBO Max on Roku is essential.

To answer the question, does Roku have HBO Max? Roku has added support for HBO Max recently. Roku players are a great solution to stream movies and shows from HBO Max. Explore this article to learn all about HBO Max Roku and how to go about watching your favorite content from the vast library that HBO offers.

How to Get HBO Max on Roku Devices?

One of the simplest ways to watch your HBO Max favorites is by downloading the app on your Roku device. For this, you have to

  • Go to the Roku channel store through a web browser, or
  • Go to your Roku device and locate the app

Go to the Roku Channel Store Through a Web Browser:

  1. Go to the 'Roku Channel Store' and provide your Roku credentials, if prompted, to get in.
  2. Look for 'HBO Max' using the Search channel bar near the top of the screen.
  3. In the search results, click on 'HBO Max.'
  4. Once on the next screen, click on '+Add Channel.'

Now the Channel will get added to your Roku channel lineup, and you will be able to select it from your list of channels the next time you access the device.

Go to Your Roku Device and Locate the App:

You can also add HBO Max from your Roku device directly.

  1. Turn on your Roku device and go to 'Channel Store.'
  2. Look for 'HBO Max' with the help of your remote.
  3. Select once you locate it.
  4. Click on '+Add Channel.'

After completing the process, you can access HBO Max by simply clicking on the channel icon.

Why Is My HBO Max Not Working on Roku?

Sometimes, simply removing and reinstalling the Channel may help solve the matter. However, ensure that your Roku device is restarted before adding the Channel.

  1. First, remove the Channel by going to your home screen and highlighting the channel tile.
  2. Press the 'Star' button to open the options menu and click on 'Remove Channel.'
  3. Restart your Roku device by going to the Start menu > Settings > System > System restart > Restart.
  4. When your Roku device restarts, reinstall the Channel by visiting the Roku Channel Store and adding the Channel again.

How to Cancel HBO Max on Roku?

You can remove the 'HBO Max' Channel from your Roku streaming player or Roku TV from your channel lineup or inside the Roku Channel Store. You can also remove the Channel when using the Roku mobile app on a compatible mobile device.

How to Remove HBO Max from Your Channel Lineup?

  1. Use your Roku remote and press the 'Home button.'
  2. Highlight the 'HBO Max' icon by moving to the right.
  3. Open the 'Options' menu by pressing your remote's 'Star' button.
  4. Click on 'Remove Channel' and confirm when prompted.

How to Remove HBO Max from the Roku Channel Store?

  1. Use your Roku remote and press the 'Home button.'
  2. Open the 'Channel Store' by pressing the 'Streaming Channels' option.
  3. Look for 'HBO Max' and tap the 'OK' button on the remote.
  4. Click on 'Remove Channel' and confirm.

How to Remove HBO Max from the Roku App?

  1. Get the Roku mobile app.
  2. Visit the navigation bar and click on 'Channels.'
  3. From the 'Channels' tab, click on 'My Channels.'
  4. Tap and hold the 'Channel HBO Max.'
  5. Click on 'Remove' and confirm.

How to Log Out of HBO Max on Roku?

Here's how to sign out of HBO Max on Roku. You must follow the below steps:

  1. Open the 'HBO Max' Channel and navigate to the main screen.
  2. Move the arrow to the left to bring up the left menu pane.
  3. Highlight 'Settings' and then tap on 'OK' on the remote.
  4. Navigate to the right and select 'Sign Out.'
  5. Move to the 'Sign Out' button and press 'OK' on the remote.
  6. Navigate to the left to select 'Yes' and confirm that you want to log out of HBO Max.

What to Do When HBO Max Roku Not Working?

There may be times when your HBO Max app keeps freezing and then crashes back to the Roku home screen. In such a case, you can resort to the below-given solution:

  • Try to log out of HBO, uninstall it on your Roku device, reinstall it and log in again.
  • Wait until the Home screen page loads up, then browse the HBO Max app.
  • Look for HBO Max content from Roku Search and play your video from the results pulled up. Your video will play after the app asks 'who's watching.'
  • If you experience a crash after watching the preview, try watching the movie on a different device for a while before switching back to Roku. It should resume the playback as intended.

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As HBO Max is gaining in popularity and is catching up with other streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, viewers are looking for multiple and easy ways to watch it. So cheer up as you can now find HBO Max on Roku, which was unavailable when it was initially launched.

So you can now get HBO Max on your Roku devices just as quickly as any other app. Moreover, you now know how to fix various issues if your HBO Max not working on Roku problem arises by simply following a few easy steps.