How to Get HBO Max on LG Smart TV?

Victoria| 2022-07-12
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If you want to know how to get HBO Max on LG Smart TV? You have got to the right place! However, instead of getting straight into it in detail, you should know about the basics of HBO Max first.

HBO Max, owned by Warner Bros, is among the top best on-demand streaming services. This American streaming platform offers a massive collection of movies, shows, and series from Warner Bros. HBO Max also showcases HBO Max originals which are always blockbuster hits.

Is HBO Max Free?

HBO's monthly subscription plan starts from 14.99 dollars per month, and if you want access to more movies and series, subscribe to HBO Max! However, you can stream HBO Max on the HBO Max app for free.

Compatibility of HBO Max

HBO Max is compatible with a giant list of devices, and that's what makes it more prevalent among streamers across the globe. It's compatible with LG Smart TV (LG 43 inch Smart TV, LG 55 inch Smart TV, etc.), Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, iPhone/iPad, Android phones, etc.

If you have an LG TV and want to stream your favorite HBO Max content on it. This article is for you! This article will mainly focus on; how to get HBO Max on LG smart TV.

How to Download HBO Max on LG Smart TV?

You must follow the same process to answer; how to download apps on LG Smart TV? Here is how to download HBO Max on LG smart TV using the LG Smart TV remote; it is very simple.

  • Turn on your TV.
  • Make sure your TV is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Use your LG smart TV remote to navigate the LG Content Store; use its Home Button.
  • Choose on HBO Max.

  • Click on Install.

Now, wait for the HBO Max to install and enjoy streaming it using the LG Smart TV remote. Congrats! You have answered the query; how to get HBO Max? How to add HBO Max to LG Smart TV?

How to Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV?

Once you have learned; how to download HBO Max on LG Smart TV and how to download apps on LG Smart TV, the next step you have to take is to sign in using our credentials. If you don't already have an account, sign up, you have to follow a complete process of HBO Max activates using HBO Max activate code.

If your LG Smart TV doesn't support HBO Max, have a look at some of the alternative ways opting for which you can watch HBO Max.

  • Watch HBO Max using AirPlay 2
  • Watch HBO Max using android
  • Watch HBO Max using Windows PC

Let’s talk about them in detail!

Use AirPlay 2 Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV

You must keep in mind that only LG NanoCell SM9X and SM8X series TVs, LG’s 2019 OLED TVs, and LG UHD UM7X series TVs support AirPlay 2.

  • Connect your LG smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network to which your Mac or iOS smartphone is connected.
  • Navigate to the AirPlay icon in the Menu Bar and click on it.

  • Launch the HBO Max on your iPad/iPhone and tap the AirPlay icon.
  • From the list of devices appearing next, select your LG Smart TV.
  • Your iPhone screen will start displaying on your TV.

That's all; now, you can enjoy streaming your favorite HBO Max movies, series, or shows on your LG 43 inch Smart TV.

Use Android to Watch HBO Max on LG Smart TV

Here is how you can use your android to stream HBO Max content on your LG Smart TV.

  • Open your android’s "Settings".

  • Connect to a stable wireless network.
  • Open “Connection and Sharing”.
  • Search for the "Cast Option," and once found, tap on it.

  • Set its requirements according to your smart TV.
  • Now, in your LG TV’s settings, turn on the “Connection Sharing” feature.
  • Establish a connection between the two devices.
  • Your android screen will start sharing on your TV; open the HBO Max and enjoy streaming the content you like.

Use Windows PC to Stream HBO Max on LG Smart TV

Surprisingly, you can even use your Windows PC to stream HBO Max on LG Smart TV by screen sharing. Here is what you have to do:

  • Press the Home Button of your LG Smart TV remote.
  • Now, press the “More” button on your LG Smart TV remote.
  • The next step is to click on the "Device Connector" option on your TV screen.
  • Click on “PC”.
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Screen Share".
  • Now, navigate to the left panel and click on “Miracast”.

  • Click on “Start” to begin screen sharing.
  • A PIN will show up on your screen; note it.
  • Connect the same wireless network as your LG TV and PC.
  • Move to your computer, open its "Notification" menu, and click on "Connect".
  • From the list of devices, select your LG Smart TV.
  • Enter the PIN you noted and click on “Next”.
  • Go to the HBO Max website using your web browser; HBO content will start showing on your LG TV in a while.

By this last step, you have found the answer to both queries; how to get HBO Max? How to stream HBO Max?

How to Watch HBO Max Using YouTuFab?

This incredible downloading platform lets you download your favorite HBO Max content and enjoy watching it offline after transferring it to any of your devices. Let's get to know how to use it. Follow these steps to download HBO Max content using the best downloader, YouTuFab.

  • Install the YouTuFab Video Downloader and launch it once the installation is complete.
  • Select HBO Max from the list of available streaming services.
  • Sign in to your HBO Max account using your credentials.
  • Browse for the video content you want to download and play it.
  • In the next popping window, select your preferred settings.
  • Click “Download Now” to start downloading or “Add to Queue” if you want to download multiple videos at once.

By this last step, your content will start downloading. Check for the status of the downloading process in the "Downloading "menu.

Final Thoughts

With the huge variety of content it provides to stream, HBO Max is an incredible streaming platform! You can stream it on various compatible devices; this article preferably focuses on how to get HBO Max?

Want to stream HBO Max video content on your LG Smart TV? This article features multiple ways to do so. Use YouTuFab to download and stream HBO Max for free without any ad or error disturbance.