Summary of how to save DMM videos [PC and smartphone].

Hyou| 2022-09-02
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DMM Video is a video distribution and sales service operated by You can watch videos in a wide range of genres, including popular movies, dramas, anime, stage performances, variety, comedy, hobbies, sports, and more. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to download and save videos from the DMM site and play them offline [PC and smartphone].

How to download DMM videos to your smartphone

DMM also offers applications for iPhone and Android. Once installed on your phone, you will be able to watch DMM videos on your phone.You can only download DMMd videos to your phone if you have already purchased the videos. Videos that have not been purchased cannot be downloaded. Also, DMM videos can only be purchased on the PC version, but not on the smartphone version. Therefore, please note that you must register the same account for both the PC and smartphone versions.

Step 1: Open the application and login to your account. Next, click on "Purchased" in the lower left corner.

Step 2: Next, you will see a list of videos you have purchased. Select the DMM video you wish to download and click "Download" to save it to your phone.

Step 3: The downloaded videos can be viewed under the "Download" tab. Tap a video to play it offline.


1. If you cancel your DMM membership, or if the video is no longer available for sale, the downloaded video will no longer play.

2. When the expiration date of a video uploaded from DMM expires, you will need to upload it again.

3. Due to the use of DRM (Digital Rights Protection) on the DMM site, videos cannot be transferred to other devices or terminals.

How to save DMM videos to your PC

How to record DMM videos

You can download DMM videos by entering the URL of the DMM video into a video download tool, but in case you cannot download a certain video, how can you download a video that does not fall under the download content? Actually, you can simply record the DMM video directly with the recording software.

For stability and safety, 4Videosoft Screen Cap ture is recommended as the best recording tool. With this software, you can record DMM video with high quality and high sound quality, not only for DMM, but also for other video sites like Nico Nico Douga, Dailymotion, etc. It also supports online voice recording and online call recording, and can record game screens. What's more, you can customize the recording range, audio, and output format before recording a video, which is very convenient. Now, let's use this DMM recording software to record and save DMM videos easily.

Step 1: First, download, install, and run this DMM recording software. Then select "Video Recorder" from the interface.

Step 2: According to your needs, select full screen or specific range, set system sound, and press "REC" to start DMM recording.

Step 3: Press "STOP" button to finish recording to DMM video. Step 4: Check the recorded file on the preview screen, and if all is well, press the "Save Video" button to save the DMM video to your computer.

How to download DMM videos if you can't record them

If you can't record the DMM video, please try downloading the video. Video Getter

] and other extensions are rendered useless, so here we recommend a professional downloader [ YouTuFab Downloader].

YouTuFab can not only easily download videos from video sharing sites such as YouTube, Twitter, FACEBOOK, etc., but also download content from streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, DMM Video, FANZA, etc. YouTuFab supports a wide range of video streaming services and supports content downloading.

When downloading DMM videos with YouTuFab, you can download videos in the highest Full HD quality and save videos in MP4 format. YouTuFab offers a double download speed compared to other downloading software, and depending on your PC performance, it can accelerate your CPU to download videos at high speed. 30 minutes of video can be downloaded in a few minutes.

The following are the steps to download DMM videos with YouTuFab. 1.

1. download YouTuFab from the official website

Once you open the downloaded folder, follow the instructions to complete the installation in 1-2 minutes. 2.

2. launch YouTuFab, click "VIP Service" in the upper left corner, and select "" from the streaming services to see the top page of DMM Video.

3. Once you have accessed the dmm video website, please log in first. Next, check the contents you have already purchased. Also, play the video you wish to download from the content you have purchased.

4. Go to the video playback page, select the desired quality, audio, etc. in the pop-up window that appears, and click "Download Now" to start downloading.

Recording? Downloading? Which is easier to use?

Earlier, we introduced two ways to save DMM videos on your PC. So, which is easier to use to save DMM videos, recording or downloading?

First of all, as it turns out, the download software is much better, and it has two drawbacks when recording DMM videos.

  • The time it takes to record is about the same as the video.
  • The computer you are recording from is recording, so you can't grab it.

However, with download software, you can freely use your computer while downloading DMM videos and download the videos in a shorter time. Therefore, download software is better in terms of time consumption, and we recommend [ YouTuFab Downloader] if you want to save DMM videos to your PC.

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