Thorough explanation of how to download content from Eplus's streaming service Streaming+.

Hyou| 2022-08-03
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While Eplus is a website that specializes in selling tickets for live concerts and performances, it also has a streaming distribution service called "Streaming+. This article describes Eplus's streaming distribution service "Streaming+" and how to download content from Streaming+.

What is Eplus's streaming service "Streaming+"?

Streaming+" offers a wide variety of streaming content, including live concerts, classical music, stage performances, and tours. You can enjoy " Streaming+" not only on your smartphone but also on your PC.

What are the advantages of Streaming+?

  • Wide variety of genres

Streaming+ offers a wide variety of genres of content, including live music, stage performances, events, art exhibitions, and more, with more being added daily.

  • Archive Viewing

Archived viewing is an event in which a portion of the content delivered on Streaming+ can be viewed anytime and anywhere within a limited period of time. Those who have watched the live streaming can enjoy it again. If you have watched the archived viewing, please schedule the contents marked "archived" when you subscribe to the streaming contents.

  • Streaming events with fans and performers

Those who have purchased tickets through Streaming+ can also apply for a license for the video conferencing system zoom. This way, you can do a live event with the performers and chat with other fans without any sense of distance.

  • Get in the mood with stamps & gifts!

While you are watching the streamed content on Streaming+, you can post stamps & gifts on your device. You can express your excitement and appreciation for the performers and live performances. When you purchase tickets to a live concert, please select and purchase the ticket that comes with a Stamp & Gift certificate.

How to Download Videos from Streaming+

Next, this article will explain how to download videos from Streaming+. This may be a little difficult to understand, but the content distributed by Streaming+ generally has technical DRM in place to prevent content from being recorded. This makes ordinary recording software completely useless, to be honest. To get rid of DRM, you need specialized software. Here we introduce YouTuFab, a download software.

What is YouTuFab?

YouTuFab is a video downloader that supports more than 300 vods, including Disney+, U-NEXT, Paravi, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Not only that, YouTuFab can also download content from ZAIKO, Eplus, and other music download services.

What are the advantages of YouTuFab?

  • Save Eplus live in HD high quality

When using YouTuFab to download Streaming+ content, you can choose from the lowest quality (480p) to the highest full HD (1080p) All Eplus videos can be saved in almost original quality.

  • Eplus videos can be saved in high sound quality.

Through YouTuFab, you can download Streaming+ content in EAC3 5.1, AC3 5.1, or AAC 2.0 sound channels.

  • Save Eplus videos in MP4/MKV format

As a professional video downloader, YouTuFab can save Eplus videos in MP4/MKV files for viewing on a variety of devices, including smart TVs, game consoles, PCs, and tablets.

  • Save subtitles as SRT/SUP files

With YouTuFab, users can save subtitles in their favorite languages as SRT/SUP files or burn subtitles to Eplus videos.

  • Batch and fast downloading

YouTuFab allows unlimited fast downloading of multiple videos at the same time. This greatly reduces the time it takes to download videos.

How to download videos from Eplus with YouTuFab

Here are the steps to download videos from Eplus with YouTuFab, with pictures.

STEP1 Download the software from the official YouTuFab website and install it to the file of your choice.

STEP2 Launch YouTuFab and enter the official Eplus website URL ( in the search field of the built-in browser to go to the Eplus website.

STEP3 Log in to Eplus, find the live show you want to download, and purchase a ticket.

STEP4 Click on the URL of the content to access the viewing page!

STEP5 Once on the viewing page, click on "DRM M3U8" on the upper left side of the built-in browser and select your desired quality and audio in the window that appears.

STEP6 Click "Download Now" if you want to download this one live performance, or "Add to Queue" if you want to add other video productions for batch download.


We have so far explained how to download videos from Eplus's streaming service Streaming+ to your computer. You can also download videos from other video delivery services through YouTuFab, not just Eplus!

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