What was KissAnime called before the rebranding? Research all comparable sites.

Hyou| 2022-11-28
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KissAnime is one of the most popular sites for sharing anime videos worldwide.

In 2018, the free anime site named by the government was called Anitube, but KissAnime came in a close second due to its overwhelming amount of videos, name recognition, and the number of users in Japan.

One of these sites is KissAnime, but if you search for the name of that site, you will probably find many quite similar sites at the top of the results, so many people may be confused as to which one is the real site.

For this reason, we have surveyed all sites using the name KissAnime and compiled a list of each site's characteristics and URL links.

The first site on the list is the original KissAnime, but there are many additional distinctive sites that are quite similar. Please refer to them for reference.

KissAnime.ru, the original KissAnime site

Launched in December 2016, this site currently has 800 million page views per month. It is characterized by a large number of Japanese users.

Among the many "KissAnime" sites, this "kissanime.ru" is the one that started it all and can be considered the "original" site.

Being the first site of its kind, it naturally has the largest number of anime episodes and a diverse selection of older anime. - The number of monthly accesses is "800 million PV," which is very high, comparable to the number of accesses when the site once operated under the name "Anitube." - Nevertheless, there are many advertisements on the site, and compared to other sites offering comparable content, the overall impression is somewhat heavy. In addition, there are a great many inconveniences, such as the need for image authentication when viewing animations.

For safe and comfortable viewing, the introduction of "ad blockers" such as "uBlock" in addition to "pop-up blockers" is an absolute requirement.

On the other hand, some videos may not load properly.

As a side note, the first version of "kissanime.com" was launched in October 2012, and "kissanime.ru" is the successor site. Currently, the old site, which can be accessed at "kissanime.ru", is no longer in operation.

≫URL link to "kiss anime.ru

List of similar sites to KissAnime

This page contains a list of 8 websites that are very similar to KissAnime.

  • kissanime.ac
  • kiss-anime.ws
  • kissanime.monster
  • kissanime.io
  • kissanime.me
  • kissanime.si
  • kissanime.to


While many KissAnime-like sites have been launched and closed, kissanime.ac, launched in September 2017, is one of the larger sites and has been around for quite some time.

The user interface is very similar to that found on the first version of kissanime.ru, but it is much easier to use, as there is no need to authenticate images before viewing anime.

On the other hand, it uses notification-type advertisements that are not present on the original site, resulting in a more unpleasant impression.

The results of the virus scanning service VirusTotal show no infection, so the risk seems to be low.

URL link for ≫kissanime.ac


The kiss-anime.ws site was launched in November 2018 with 30 million PV accessed per month. The number of Japanese users is almost zero.

Although most people are unaware of it, the site labeled "kiss-anime.ws" is a mirror site of the original KissAnime.

This is because the site does not appear high in Japanese search engines and has few Japanese users, making it difficult to disseminate information by word of mouth.

In contrast to other sites similar to KissAnime, the domain name of this site has a hyphen (-) added to it, and the site structure is slightly different.

URL link of kiss-anime.ws


Unknown how many people are accessing the site every month.

No Japanese among the users

Our research has revealed that the highly influential website with the domain name "kissanime.monster" is the only "KissAnime-like" website currently existing on the Web.

Although comparable to KissAnime, it is the only website in existence with no confirmed date of establishment or total number of users.

Due to the fact that this site has been in existence for only a short time, we believe that there is too little information available.

If you use this site, you may want to install a "pop-up blocker" on your computer so that you are not bothered by the disastrous advertisements that appear regularly.

≫URL link to kissanime.monster


kissanime.io was one of the most famous sites comparable to KissAnime, but before we could find a replacement, it was shut down without our knowledge.

Users attempting to access this site were automatically redirected to a site called "kissanime.ac." It is believed that this was the site that existed before "kissanime.ac."

In other words, it is the successor site to a site that was similar to KissAnime. It is quite a difficult task.

URL link of ≫kissanime.io


Although no longer in operation, a website called "kissanime.me" appears to have been the predecessor to the main KissAnime website. kissanime.me" is offline, but when users access this site, they will find be redirected to the "kissanime.ru" version of the KissAnime website.

Since the site was released in November 2013, this is in order.

1. kissanime.com (October 2012)

2. kissanime.me (November 2013)

3. kissanime.ru (December 2016), and so on.

However, there is a large gap between .me and .ru, so there may have been additional sites.

URL link for ≫kissanime.me


Like "kissanime.io" in the previous section, the domain "kissanime.si" existed before the KissAnime-like site "kissanime.ac".

It is no longer in operation, but I vividly remember that before it was shut down, the entire site was cluttered with advertisements and was unusable as it was.

There was another site very similar to the first one, called "kissanime.to," which had a lot of ads, but no redirects. However, there was no redirect, and it was unclear whether it was related to the first site, so I will not go into further details.

URL link to ≫kissanime.si

Summary of URL links to kissanime.si

So far, we have listed other websites similar to KissAnime, along with URL links to the original website.

To tell the truth, if you just want to watch anime, using a video distribution service such as U-NEXT is the least risky and most convenient option.

Even if you really want to watch anime without paying, there is no reason to continue using "KissAnime." We recommend that you use an alternative site that has fewer ads and is lighter and easier to use.