Live-action movie "Ears to the Sky" cast & synopsis [summary].

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Cinema Today "An Ear to the Future," a live-action adaptation of Aoi Hiiragi's coming-of-age romance manga with an original story set 10 years in the future, will be released on October 14. The following is a summary of the film and its cast. Below is a summary of the film and its cast.

Synopsis and cast of the live-action film "Mimi wo Sumeba" [Synopsis].


Hiiragi Aoi's coming-of-age romance manga "Ears to the Future" will be released on October 14

October 14.

This is a live-action film adaptation of Hiiragi's original story 10 years later. Below is the cast and synopsis.

1988. Tsukishima Shizuku, a junior high school student who enjoys reading, has the worst encounter with Seiji. Seiji's name appears frequently on her library card, but she becomes attracted to his dream of becoming a cellist. One day, Seiji tells Shizuku that he is going to Italy to pursue his dream of becoming a cellist. Iti vows to pursue her dream together and get back together, even though it is hard for them to be apart.

It is 1998, ten years after her death. Shizuku is still pursuing her dream while working as a children's book editor at a publishing company. However, it is not going as smoothly as she would like. Seiji is also frustrated and confused. This is a story of two people who have supported each other.

Character Tsukishima Shizuku [Adult] (Actress: Seina)


Tsukishima Shizuku from "Mimi wo Sumeba

While pursuing her dream of becoming a writer, Shizuku Tsukishima works as a children's book editor

a publishing company, while pursuing her dream of becoming a writer.

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Tsukishima Shizuku [Junior High School Student] (Actress: Yasuhara Ryuna)


From "Mimi wo Sumeba

Seiji Amazawa, a junior high school student with a passion for books, is her biggest enemy, but she finds herself drawn to him.

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Seiji Amazawa [Adult] (Actor: Tori Matsuzaka)


From "Mimi wo Sumeba

He has been living in Italy for 10 years.

In his obsession with perfection, he has forgotten how good music can be.

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Seiji Amazawa [Junior High School Student] (Actor: Tsubasa Nakagawa)


From "Mimi wo Sumeba

He dreams of becoming a cellist and goes to Italy to fulfill his dream.

Tatsuya Sugimura [Adult] (played by Yuki Yamada).


From "Mimi wo Sumeba" (The Ears are Slit).

Yuko turns 25 and becomes Yuko's love interest.

Yuko Harada [Adult] (Played by Rio Uchida)


From "Mimi wo Sumeba

Sugimura's best friend and Shizuku's lover.

Yuko Harada [junior high school student] / Tatsuya Sugimura [junior high school student


(Left) Yuko Harada, (Right) as Tatsuya Sugimura

Yuko Sugimura, a friend of Saki Sumitomo Shizuku and her best friend who has feelings for Sugimura.

Tatsuya Sugimura, played by Tobiu Araki, is Shizuku's classmate from junior high school. Shizuku is his love interest.

Other Characters

Manager Horiuchi (played by Takuma Otoo).
Shizuku's boss at Hoshimi Publishing.

Midori Tsuda (played by Marika Mimoto).
She is employed by Hoshimi Publishing and works with Shizuku in the children's book editing department.


Yosuke Takagi (played by Keisuke Nakata)
He is employed by Hoshimi Publishing and works in the children's book editing department with Shizuku.

Yasunari Takishima (played by Yasunari Takishima)
Tsukishima's father.

Played by Asako Tsukishima (played by Yoko Moriuchi).
Mother of Shizuku.

Kei Tanaka as Makoto Sonomura
Author of Shizuku


Grandfather played by Masaomi

Seiji's grandfather

The owner of the earth shop where Shizuku and her family met by chance.

The movie "Ears to the Future" opens in theaters on October 14, 2022.