Cast and dubbing voice actors for "The Addams Family" on Friday Roadshow

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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"It's the Addams Family" Dubbing Voice Actors and Cast to Air

NTV will broadcast "It's the Addams Family 2", (1993) as the fifth viewer request on "Friday Road Show" (21:30-22:54 Japan time) on July 7 evening.

It's the Addams Family cast and dubbing is on Friday Roadshow.


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NTV's "Friday Road Show" (21:00-22:54) is scheduled to air tonight (7th) as NTV's #5 rated program. Here are the it-actors and dubbed voice actors who play the characters of this unique haunted family.

The It Addams Family is based on the Charles Addams cartoon series "The New Yorker "2.

It is a sequel to the 1991 hit "The Addams Family," which depicted the strange and eerie lives of a ghostly family living in a strange castle-like house.

The Addams Family has a long-awaited addition to the family. Pavel is a cute baby with a mustache. Morticia and Gomez are in love with him, but Wensday, Pugsley, and Granny don't like him. To settle a domestic dispute, the couple hires Debbie as a babysitter. Fester, Gomez's younger brother, is attracted to Debbie at first sight. But Debbie has a secret. ......

The CharacterMorticia , played by Angelica Houston (dubbed By Toshiko Sawada)

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Morticia It is the bewitching wife of a witch's blood.

She has pale skin, long jet-black hair, bright red lips and nails, and wears a black dress by default. She and Gomez, whom she met at a funeral and asked to marry her, are a lovey-dovey couple, making out in public. For a cast introduction, please see the previous issue. Gomez.

(Acting and dubbing: Masaru Ikeda). *Photo left.

He is a loving wife and a family man. He has a cheerful disposition, but his moods have many ups and downs, and he is not easily beaten. He is a master swordsman and a good dancer (tango). For the cast introduction, please refer to the previous film.

Fester (Christopher Lloyd), (dubbed by Takeshi Aono)

He disappeared 25 years ago, but was reunited in the previous film.

He is as innocent as a baby. He is jealous of Morticia and Gomez's marriage.

NEW] (English) Debbie (dubbed by Kazue Komiya), played by Joan Cusack *Photo.

She appears as a nanny for a baby born to the Addams family.

She is stylish, good-natured, and humorous, and Gomez, Morticia, and Fester are completely charmed by her. Joan, also known as John Cusack's sister and brother, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 1988's "Working Girl. Her notable films include "Toys" (1992), the "Toy Story" series (as the voice of Jesse), and "Your Name" (2009).

Wendesday (dubbed by Yuko Kobayashi), played by Christina Ricci.

Cool eldest daughter.

Her doll-like head is always with her. Her grandmother and parents love her only as a baby, and she has mixed feelings. Her babysitter, Debbie, asks her to enroll her in a summer camp. However, she falls in love with a boy she meets there, Joel. His uncle Fester is her worst enemy. The previous film has interviews with the cast.

Pugsley, Jimmy Workman (dubbed by Yoshiko Kamei).

The eldest son and his family.

Striped T-shirts look good on them.

Jimmy Workman was the star of Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Kitchen Wars," released in 1992. Since then, he has worked as a drama and film crew member.

Grandma (played by Carol Kane) (dubbed by Naoko Kyoda), pictured right, is Is.

Morticia's mother and an expert in ghetto cooking.

She values the health of her family and is always learning from her many books. Another of her strengths is her ability to communicate with the spirit world. Carol was the lead actress in the film and won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1975. Her best known films are "Farewell Winter Seagull," "Annie Hall," and "Unbreakable Kimmy."

Pavert by Caitlin Hooper (and Kristen Hooper).

(Photo left ().

Gomez and Morticia with their third child Hooper

. For reasons unknown, he has had a mustache since birth. He is known for his power and is not at a disadvantage playing with Pugsley and Wendesday. The character was played in part by identical twin Hooper siblings. They were just five months old when filming began. They were five months old when filming began.

Mr. Hand (play By Christopher Hart). is

Gomes is primarily his personal caregiver.

They also enjoy playing chess together.

He can communicate in Morse code and sign language, and is smart and charming. When his family is in distress, he is their confidant. One of the world's most famous magicians, he is played by Christopher Hart.

Joel Glicker (played By David Krumholtz). (dubbed by Mayumi Takaka) *Photo left.

A boy who, like Wensday, is brought to summer camp by his parents.

(dubbed by Mayumi Takaka) *Photo left.

He is shy and introverted because of his allergies. Shy, introverted, allergic and timid. Wensday is his eccentric but gets along with him well. David Krumholtz played a mathematician in the Tony Scott and Ridley Scott serial "Numbers" (Case Files of a Mathematical Genius). Other notable films include "Bobby" (2000) and "The Ballad of Buster" (2018).

Margaret (dubbed Miyuki Ichijo), played by Dana Ivey.

In her previous film


Tully's wife and also the legal advisor to the Addams family.

The previous film contains the introduction of the cast.

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The Addams Family."

was released in Japan in 1992.

Inspired by Charles Addams' cartoon series "The New Yorker," it depicts the strange and hilarious lives of a ghostly family living in an unusual castle-like house. It was widely loved by both children and adults. A sequel, "The Addams Family 2," was also produced. This first film depicts the turmoil caused by the appearance of Fester (the eldest Gomez family brother who disappeared 25 years ago). Barry Sonnenfeld was a cameraman for the Coen brothers and later became a director. He has also directed hits such as "Men in Black.

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Character Gomez

(Acting and dubbing: Masaru Bando).

Head of the family. Raul Julia, a native of Puerto Rico, has had a spectacular career on stage, appearing in films such as "Kiss of the Spider Woman" (1985) and "Presumed Innocent" (1990).

Mr. Hand (played by Christopher Hart ) is a

A charming and intelligent character, he plays an important role in the family's troubles.

He loves to ride on top of others. He is played by Christopher Hart and is a world-renowned magician.

Morticia: Angelica Houston (dubbed by Toshiko Sawada)

A bewitching wife with witch's blood.

Angelica Houston was born into an entertainment family, with her father, the master director John Huston, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for the film "The Order of the Woman and the Man" (1985).

Wensday (played by Christina Ricci) (dubbed by Yuko Kobayashi) *Photo: center

Charming with her pigtails.

She is The Cool's eldest daughter.

Christina was given her first lead role in this film, and on November 23, "Wendy's Day," a drama series directed and executive produced by Tim Burton, will be released on Netflix. Rich is also a member of the cast.

Pugsley and Jimmy Workman (dubbed by Yoshiko Kamei). *The rightmost son.

He looks great in his border-patterned T-shirt. This is Jimmy Workman's first film.

Grandma (Judith Malina), (dubbed by Naoko Koda).

*Morticia's mother.

Her cooking skills are good at ghetto cooking. Judith Malina is a German-born actress who appeared in "Afternoon of Wolves" (1975) and "Leonard's Morning" (1990).

Lurch, played by Karel Stricken. *Second from left, the butler.

Silent and powerful as Frankenstein. Karel Slicken is best known for his role as the giant in "Twin Peaks."

Fester/Gordon: Christopher Lloyd (dubbed by Takeshi Aono)

A man who claims to be Gomez's brother.

He is held down by a poisonous mother. Played by Christopher Lloyd. Known for his role as Doc in the "Back to the Future" series.

Abigail is played by Elizabeth Wilson (dubbed by Kazuko Imai).

She is Fester's mother and a loan shark. Her son Gordon is like Gomez's missing brother. She sends Gordon to the Adams family to inherit their fortune. Elizabeth Wilson is best known for her roles in "The Graduate" (1967) and other Mike Nichols films.

Tully (Dan Hedaya) (voiced by Tsuji Chikahachi) *Second from the right in the back of the photo. Abigail's lawyer, who plans to take control of the Adams family. Played by Dan Hedaya. He also appeared in Blood Simple, Commando, and Mulholland Drive (2001).

Played by Dana Ivey (dubbed by Miyuki Chiyo) as Margaret.

*Tully's wife. She and her husband attend an Adams party and unexpectedly meet again. Dana Ivey appeared in The Color Purple (1985) and Home Alone 2 (1992).

Womack (voiced by Tamio Ohki ()), played by Paul Benedict.

Judges next door to the Adams family.

When the Gomez family is practicing their golf game, a ball is thrown into their house, much to their annoyance. Paul Benedict has appeared in Mandingo (1975) and On the Cuckoo's Nest (1975).

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