Traveling with three men is both fun and stupidity the same the world over! Live without regrets: Watch the movie vertically, horizontally, and diagonally!

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Daisuke Muramoto, who loves movies so much that he waits for Hayao Miyazaki at Cinema Today Ghibli, and Paradise Nakagawa, who is practically an amateur when it comes to movies, discuss movies from all angles in a crazy way.

Traveling with three guys is both an adventure and a fool's errand. Live life without regrets! | Cinema Today Daisuke Muramoto, who loves movies so much that he waits for Hayao Miyazaki at Ghibli, and Paradise Nakagawa, who is practically an amateur when it comes to movies, talk about movies in a crazy way from all angles.

It's fun to travel the globe with three guys.

Daisuke Muramoto loves movies so much that he is waiting for Hayao Miyazaki to come out of Ghibli.

Paradise Nakagawa is almost an amateur movie buff and talks about movies wildly from all angles. It's now or never! The theme of the movie is "No life twice." It is a movie about three men who, despite their problems and conflicts, discover the joys of travel. Regardless of age, there is no end to the joys and realizations of life that male friends have. After watching the movie, they said, "I can't wait to discuss it! They were thrilled to be able to say "I can't wait to talk about it! Nakagawa is my partner.

This movie is "life" never again.

Three best friends embark on an adventure across Spain. This road movie is about them. Their adventures and encounters in a foreign country lead them to face new challenges and reevaluate their lives. Gully Boy, directed by Zoya Akhtar. Starring Hrithik Roshan, WAR WAR! , Abhay Deol (Ranjana), Farhaan Akhtar (Mirka), Katrina Kaif, Naseeruddin Shah, and more.

This is the film I was looking for.

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Nakagawa Paradise, (Nakagawa),:It is a wonderful film about the journey of three men.

Daisuke Muramoto, (Muramoto):. Paradise. You wouldn't call it a "road movie" if you weren't in the business of cinematography. Thank you very much, Cinema Today.

Nakagawa (Japan): You have been doing this job for many years. I learned about it through "Green Book".

MuramotoMuramoto's main character is a workaholic who spends all day on his phone and computer and was dumped by his girlfriend. The other characters are men who date wealthy people and have very stifling lovers. One is flirtatious but can't tell the truth and likes to laugh at everything. The last guy is the most like me of the three. The last guy looks the most like me. He tries to hide the truth and deny reality. (laughs) These guys go through a lot in life, including love and hardships. And they make good friends.

Nakagawa: The first 15 minutes or so were tough, but after that it became fun.

Muramoto: It's really unnecessary.

Nakagawa (NO): I think 2 hours and 30 minutes is too much; after about 15 minutes, I started to enjoy it so much that I forgot that this is an Indian movie, and it's only 2 hours and 55 minutes.

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Muramoto: I found the film I wanted! That's how I feel about it. There are many films about three women on a journey of lost love, but this film, like "Stand by Me," is about three men. As we get older, we see many changes from what we saw as children. And you start to question about work and why money is so important. You will meet someone and ask, "What is your purpose in life? They will ask you, "What is your purpose in life? Then you will meet someone and ask, "What is your purpose in life? I began to be asked, "What is your purpose in life? Slowly, my life began to shift. This is something I believe in all over the world and something many people can relate to.

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Men are stupid! is the same all over the world.

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Muramoto: Do you know the word "universal"?

Is it the same all over the world?

It's the same everywhere, whether in India or Japan. It's common for men to talk about one thing or another with women.

Nakagawa: I think it's great that women remind us that men are children. If they were men, they wouldn't be so naughty. There are some very silly pranks in this film. This is exactly the kind of thing you would do in middle school or high school. It is definitely not something you would do in front of your girlfriend or wife (laughs).

MuramotoThis is a coming-of-age story about three guys. Indian films are unforgettable. If there is a song in the middle of the film, it means that the film is an Indian film.

Nakagawa says, "This is an Indian film. This is an Indian film. When it starts playing, it becomes very long. If there were a few more songs, it would be about 20 minutes longer.

Muramoto: That's not what I mean.

Nakagawa sings in Indian movies. It's amazing how Indian actors can sing, dance, and act! (laughs) They are all very handsome and strong. When women see this movie, they will surely ask, "Who is the best? Women will surely come out "the best" in this one. Sometimes they even get naked.

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Muramoto: You don't have the ability to comment.

This was a terrible comment. It was the most offensive comment I have ever heard. Nakagawa: Do you ever travel with three men?

Nakagawa: I travel with a local partner. The goal is to meet women on this trip.

Muramoto: You are the worst. You're making fun of me!

Nakagawa: I like to talk with local women and reflect on my trip over a glass of wine.

Muramoto: "I used to be a comedian, but lately I often go to Hakodate. I found a 70-year-old grandfather there. He and the newspaper reporter were friends, and the three of us got in the car and drove to Aomori. Although we came from completely different backgrounds, we shared a common love of music and talked like old friends. The men who traveled together suddenly became best friends.

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Be present in every moment

Ich weiß nicht

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I don't wish to regret anything in my life

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Muramoto:Men were similar all over the world, but they were bound

She was the same.

Where men were happy to be together, suddenly a girl would appear.

Nakagawa says, "It's a similar feeling. I am having a lot of fun with her when she calls me.

Muramoto: It's when I get a phone call from her and I feel like I'm an old lady while everyone else is having fun. It is like playing a game with your mother in the past and she tells you to change it.

Nakagawa: That's right. Enough!" And. Enough!" He said, "Enough!

Muramoto: When you are the cause of other people's lives, you are like a poisoned mother. This film shows how important it is to have people who influence your life. There will be people who change your life for the better, and there will be people who make you feel miserable. My journey has been a learning experience for me.

Nakagawa: Everyone had problems, and the trip was about solving them one by one. The trip was exciting and very enjoyable. I felt very satisfied afterwards.

Muramoto: It is important to live in the present. I realized that regretting my life is not something I want.

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On October 28, "Life Never Again is the Best Time" will be released in theaters.

Woman Rush HourProfilFormed in 2008.

Comedy duo, Paradise Nakagawa and Daisuke Morimoto.

As a comedy duo, they have won numerous awards including "ABC Comedy Newcomer Grand Prix", "Best Newcomer Award" in 2011, and "THE MANZAI 2012". Award. in April 2013, they moved their base to Tokyo, and became the 3rd champion of "THE MANZAI 2013".

Daisuke Muramoto

Born in 1980. Born in Fukui Prefecture. According to him, most of the rumors on the Internet are false! Calls himself a "prick comedian," but "most of these rumors are true! " he admits. He loves Pixar and Ghibli animation, but also has a raw side that makes him cry at "To You." He is a big movie buff and an avid fan. He is a graduate of a fisheries high school, but has not graduated. As a result, he has a surprisingly wealth of knowledge about the sea and fish.


Born in 1981. Born in Osaka. Muramoto has been separated 10 times, but he is the only friend at heart. He is a father who loves raising children. He only watches "royal road movies" for movie watching.