A startling event that will change this world! : This week on The Walking Dead.

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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This world is transformed by a shocking event. CinemaToday After this week's episode 19, "Deformed," there are only five episodes left until the final episode of the 24th season.

It's the beginning of a revolutionary event that will change the world!

There are only 5 episodes left until the final episode of the series, "Variant," which will air after episode 19. A shocking event is about to occur before the series finale. It is an event so shocking that it will change the course of history!

This article contains spoilers for "The Walking Dead Season 11.

We recommend that you read this article after watching the show. The latest episode of The Walking has been released.

Dead Season 11, Episode 19, "Variant."

Episode 19 begins with chaos at the annual commemoration of the Federation.

This episode depicts the aftermath of the event. It also features the "heart-pounding psychodrama" and "rapid development" familiar from "The Walking Dead" or "TWD" below.


Aaron heads to Oceanside with his friends, where he discovers mutant walkers! The Walking Dead" Original Episode 19, (c) 2022 AMC Film Holdings LLC.All rights reserved.

This is the first appearance of the variant that gave this episode its name. Aaron (Ross Marquand), his friends, and their car were heading to Oceanside. They encounter a walker who turns the door handle and tries to get inside. Aaron decides to skin the walker's head, believing it to be a group of "whisperers" living under the skin. But all he finds is muscle. What was under the skin, however? A mutant walker with a different intelligence turned the doorknob. This mutant is one-of-a-kind, and the world of "TWD" would be completely changed if there were any more mutants.


Daryl prepares to escape the mysterious Federation. From The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19 (C) 2022 AMC Film Holdings LLC. All rights reserved.

In the second episode of "The Walking Dead World Beyond," an eerily fast-moving walker appears in a French laboratory. Rumors circulated that a new walker of this type would appear in the film, since the Daryl Reedus spinoff is set in France, and according to Entertainment Weekly, Scott M. Gimple ("TWD" chief content officer) Universe, a Rick has stated that there will be an additional element in the movie starring Lincoln. Rumor has it that it may be a different type of walker. It is possible that the mutants seen in the movie may be related to the rumored new type of walker.


What dangers lie ahead for Rosita? ....... From "The Walking Dead" Season 11 Episode 19 - (C) 2022 AMC Film Holdings LLC.All rights reserved.

Another sudden development is Rosita's abduction by a group of Christian Serratos at the end of the

Here are the episodes.

It is a surprise. The group that abducted Rosita (Christian Serratos), suddenly appeared at the end of the episode. The sudden appearance of this group was quite shocking and could have led to the 10th episode of this season, "A New Threat." A young man who criticized the government at a Commonwealth party was detained and locked up. A workshop to make anti-government signs was held at his home, and it appears to have been the work of a group rather than an individual. In episode 11, "Rogue Element," Connie (Lauren Ridloff) was given a list of names indicating that she was a victim of the government. However, it was unclear who gave her that list. It could have been the anti-government group that appeared before Rosita.


Governor Milton loves his son even after learning of his son's misdeeds.

From "The Walking Dead" Season 11 Episode 19 - (C) 2022 AMC Film Holdings LLC.All rights reserved.

TWD's Charm Even though Eugene is the star of the show, there are several memorable scenes. Reflecting on a past she can't help but regret, Eugene makes a profound choice. As Judith Fleming (Kaylee Fleming) narrates, "It's not what you do, but who and how you do it that matters." Eugene is inspirational.


Lydia remembers Henry's death and hesitates to go out with Elijah. From "The Walking Dead" Season 11 Episode 19 - (C) 2022 AMC Film Holdings LLC.All rights reserved.

Aaron tells her about his experience. Elijah (Okea E. Akwari), who is attracted to her, remembers Henry (Matt Lintz) and says he can't bear to lose him. The Princess also makes an appearance. She confides in her boyfriend Mercer (Michael James Shaw) about her harsh past. Her decision to tell Mercer, "You're a good man, but you have to leave the area where Eugene died," is heartbreaking and devastating. In the coming scenes, the characters weave together in a series of moving scenes.


Eugene makes a drastic decision to protect his girlfriend Max. From "The Walking Dead" Season 11 Episode 19 - (C) 2022 AMC Film Holdings LLC.All rights reserved.

Eugene is charged with theft. Does the group that took Rosita's life have a purpose? What will happen to the Federation in the future? The future is still uncertain.

The Walking Dead" Season 7 Final Chapter, available exclusively on Disney Plus Star.

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