The cast and synopsis of "Kurosagi" starring Shiyou Hirano [Summary].

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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The cast and synopsis for "Kurosagi," starring King & Prince's Shiyou Hirano, will begin on October 21. Below is the synopsis and cast.

Outline of "Kurosagi" starring Shiyoh Hirano

Friday drama "Kurosagi" starring Shiyou Hirano (King & Prince) will start on October 21. Below is the synopsis and cast.

Characters and Cast


Koshiro Kurosaki: Shiyoh Hirano
His family is stolen by a swindler and he becomes a fraud. Katsuragi, a fixer in the con business, sells him information about the White Rabbit. He lives in an apartment complex and has a soft spot for cats.


Yoshikawa Hyobashira: Yuna Kuroshima
A third-year law student at Seiwa University. She has a strong sense of justice and is studying to become a prosecutor. Her father is a victim of fraud and Kurosaki saves her life, but she has antipathy toward Kurosaki's criminal ways of getting back at him.


Kamijima Nagato Inowaki Umi
A career member of the National Police Agency, he is currently assigned to the Intelligent Crime Section of the Tokyo Chuo Police Station. For some reason, he hates swindlers and is obsessed with fraud cases. When he learns of Kurosaki's existence, he turns against him.


Kanoko Hayase. Yuri Nakamura
A waitress at the Katsura sweet shop. She is Katsuragi's trusted subordinate and serves as his bodyguard.

Tetsuji Momoyama. Shohei Uno
Lieutenant of the Intelligent Crimes Unit of the Tokyo Chuo Police Department. Kurosaki is his father's case, and he has always been concerned about Kurosaki.

Teru Takamiya. Yuki Tokitoh
Chief assistant professor at Seiwa University's Faculty of Law.


Yoichi Shiraishi: Koji Yamamoto
Fraudster = Shiraishi. He does not target personal money, but only frauds of large corporations. He is good-natured and skilled in "credibility," the most important skill for a scammer.


Mikimoto: Yajuro Bando
A big-time swindler who is Kurosaki's biggest enemy. He is the one who orchestrated Kurosaki's father's scam and appears to be good friends with Katsuragi, whom Kurosaki is buying information on "Shirousagi," but his true identity is shrouded in mystery.


Ryuki Yoshikawa: Eiichiro Funakoshi
Hyodo's father. He is a good-natured and family-oriented man, but his character is taken advantage of and he becomes the target of a scam. Kurosaki saves him from the scam.


Toshio Katsuragi: Tomokazu Miura
Ostensibly, he is the owner of the sweet store Katsura, but in reality, he is a fixer in the scam industry who stands at the top of the scam artists. He sells information necessary for scams and scam tricks. Kurosaki also gets information on scams from Katsura, and is a master of scams.

Episode 1 Synopsis

He lost his entire family when he was only 15 years old. His father was a victim of a scam and he decided to take revenge. He is the landlord of an apartment building and his goal is to devour every con artist on the planet in order to find his father's con artist, Mikimoto (Yajuro Boso).
Seeking information about these con artists, Kurosaki visits Katsura, a sweet shop in downtown Tokyo. Toshio Katsuragi (Tomokazu Miura), ostensibly the owner of the sweet shop, but actually a fixer in the world of con artists, appears before Kurosaki. Katsuragi has been keeping Kurosaki as a con man since a certain incident in the past.
Kurosaki meets Tatsuki Yoshikawa, a victim of Eiichiro Funakoshi's scam. Tatsuki's daughter, Tatsuki Hyobashira (Yuna Kurushima), is furious that Kurosaki has become a swindler. However, Kurosaki remembers how the Yoshikawa family was scammed, and the secret Kurosaki has been hiding comes back to life.
Kurosaki begins to think that this swindler may be Mikimoto's clue to assassinating the Yoshikawa family. The white heron has tricked me, I want to eat that guy.

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