How to download videos from AbemaTV to your PC Explained!

Hyou| 2022-06-13
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AbemaTV (Abema TV) is a very convenient service that allows you to watch a variety of videos, including news, romance shows, and anime, for free.

However, many of the videos have a fixed release date, and videos that have passed the deadline are no longer available for viewing.

Therefore, some people may want to record and save videos in advance. Therefore, in this article, we would like to explain how to download videos from AbemaTV and how to use convenient software.

Can I download official AbemaTV videos?

AbemaTV download function for premium members only

AbemaTV actually allows you to download videos and enjoy them offline by becoming a premium member.

There is an initial free trial period of two weeks, which is a very attractive plan, but unfortunately, if you cancel your Premium membership, you will not be able to watch the videos you have downloaded.

In other words, you cannot permanently save videos even if you become a Premium member.

How to use AbemaTV's official download function

  1. Tap the download button on the detail page of the work you like.
    *Downloading will start.
  2. Tap the " Download" button on the "Three Lines" menu or on My Page

*Downloading will begin.

  1. Tap the play button of the work that has been downloaded to play it.

*The downloaded data can be used for viewing. Up to 25 programs can be downloaded.

What are the disadvantages of Abema's download function?

  • You cannot download works on a computer.

As we talked about, hulu's download function does not support the PC end. hulu's devices that support the download function are as follows

- Android phone/tablet

- iPhone/iPad

  • Video viewing deadline and downloaded videos

There is an expiration date set for "Missed Viewing" and "ABEMA Video."

Basically, it is not disclosed how long a video is available for, but it is applied to downloaded videos even if it is "15 days or less" until the delivery deadline, but videos that are past the deadline will not be available for viewing. Be sure to check the video's viewing deadline.

  • Cannot be played completely offline.

This is not limited to ABEMA, but downloading a video does not mean that it can be played in a "completely offline" state.

However, it can be played offline during playback, only requiring an Internet connection for the first playback.

In other words, it is useful for playback in places with poor reception, such as "subways," but not for use in places where you are completely offline, such as "airplanes.

  • HDCP is incorporated.

This HDCP is a technology that prevents unauthorized copying by encrypting digital signals communicated mutually between video playback devices such as PCs and display devices such as displays. This means that it is difficult to record using the screen recording function of a smartphone.

How to download AbemaTV on your computer

If you want to watch AbemaTV on your PC, the use of an external downloader is necessary because AbemaTV's official download function is not compatible with PCs.

We recommend "YouTuFab," a software program that allows you to download AbemaTV videos in the highest quality.

We will explain how to use "YouTuFab" below.

>> YouTuFab

Unlike other downloaders, YouTu AbemaTV has the advantage of efficient downloading as follows.

1. you can download AbemaTV movies and TV shows in MP4 or MKV format.

2. The quality of the downloaded videos can satisfy 720p, 1080p, up to 4k and 8k resolutions.

3. multiple videos can be added to the queue at once for batch downloading.

YouTuFab Downloader can automatically remove ads when downloading videos.

How to use "YouTu AbemaTV

Let's explain how to download videos from Nico Nico Nico with YouTuFab, with pictures.

STEP1 Download the application from the official YouTuFab website.

> > YouTuFab's official website

YouTuFab supports a wide variety of devices.

STEP2 Open the YouTuFab app, open YouTuFab, click "VIP Service" from the left side content, and select "ABEMA TV" from the list of streaming services displayed.

STEP3 Click on the video you want to download and enter this video page, a pop-up window will appear.

STEP4 In the pop-up window, select the episode, quality, subtitles, and audio you wish to download. If you want to add other videos to the queue for batch download, click "Add to Queue.

If you want to check the video download status, click "Downloading" on the homepage.


Compared to the official Abema TV download function, YouTu AbemaTV allows you to download works on your computer and also allows you to save the downloaded videos permanently, so we recommend the more cost-effective downloader YouTu YouTu AbemaTV is now offering a free download trial, so you can download your favorite videos as soon as possible.

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