How do you rate "Charlie Laughs, Even Dogs Don't Eat" starring Shingo Katori and other movies opening in September?

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Shingo Katori's movie "If a Dog Walks, It Will Hit a Stick" and other movies coming out in September Cinema Today

From a Hollywood live-action version of a Japanese literary work to Shingo Katori's first starring role in three years and a film directed by Celine Scamma, we pick out the films you should watch.

Shingo Katori's "Charlie Laughs Even When Dogs Don't Eat" and other movies coming out in September.

We pick up the can't-miss movies from the Hollywood live-action adaptations of Japanese origin stories. Shingo Katori stars in his first film in three years. Also, Celine Sima's new film, "Portrait of a Burning Woman," has made a splash. These are the top 5 movies of September.

Brappy is on fire! You will be amazed by the sophisticated action of Brappi!

BULLET TRAIN will open in theaters on September 1.

Starring Brad Pitt, this action thriller is a live-action adaptation of a novel by Kotaro Isaka. The protagonist, the unluckiest man in the world, takes on a group of hitmen on a train traveling at super-speed through Japan. Directed by David Leitch, known for his action films. The film takes advantage of the closed environment of Japan to create a unique and complex battle. There are many surprises, such as drinks and fire extinguishers being sold, and the audience is surprised, "They use such tools to fight! " and will be surprised. The film also has a wonderful balance of comedy and action. This movie is a perfect balance of comedy and action. It is made by a director known for making exhilarating films such as "Deadpool 2.

Brad is a funny and spontaneous actor. His presence is as strong as those of the eccentric assassins. Brad's cool, sharp moves make it hard to believe that Brad is only 60 years old. The director's friend and close collaborator, Hiroyuki, displays beautiful Japanese swordsmanship that could be called an art form. The way he defeats the assassin is breathtakingly beautiful. (Takuya Kuramoto, Editorial Department)

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Marriage is a graveyard? Shingo Katori's bad husband is realistic.

Charlie Laughs at Dogs" opened in theaters on September 23, 2009.

Yukino and Shingo Kishii have been married for four years. However, at first glance, they appear to be an ordinary married couple. In fact, the wife has been venting her anger at her husband in posts on the Internet titled "Husband Death Note.

These episodes are so realistic that it is easy to sympathize with the wives. But they also seem to confront the reality of marriage. Is marriage the end of all hope? Are there dreams and hopes? Directed by Masahide Ichii. Originally aspiring to be a comedian, he has a great sense of humor in portraying negative thoughts in a comedic way. Katori plays the role of Katori's husband, who is known as a national idol. He is not only a terrible husband, but also an annoying person who loves to talk. He is strangely suited to the role, and the ease with which he plays the part is astonishing. Katori became a married man for the first time since his marriage. He seems to have carved out a new path as an actor and found his own appeal. (Editorial Department, Aki Katori)

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Seeing a brand-new photo of your beloved is an unforgettable moment

The Secret Forest and Beyond" will open in theaters on September 23.

Eight-year-old Nelly visits the forest to help her mother clean up her grandmother's house. Unable to bear her grandmother's house full of painful memories, Nelly decides to kick her mother out. Nelly then reunites with her mother in the forest. Celine Chamat's adult fairy tale takes the viewer back to childhood and reminds us of something we take for granted: our parents were once our age.

Nelly is eight years old and Gabrielle Sanz plays her mother; the scenes in which Nelly and Gabrielle Sanz's sisters have a heart-to-heart are both heartwarming and realistic. They did not intend to. By playing "interrogation," the sisters are reminded that secrets must be shared with the world, not kept hidden. This piece is about the possibility of uncovering an unknown person near and dear to your heart. This work will change your perception of your loved ones. (Editor, Keisuke Ouchi).

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Enjoy this delightful Indian film filled with joy and learning!

Super 30: "Aanand's Teacher's Classroom" will open in theaters on September 23.

The film tells the true story of Arnand, who founded "Super 30," a rural school that provides free education, meals, and dormitory. The film depicts Aanand's extraordinary challenge of selecting 30 bright young people who could not afford to study due to poverty and enrolling them in IIT (Indian Institute of Technology), the best science university in India.

Aanand is a math genius who opened Super 30 after poverty deprived him of the opportunity to study abroad. It is shocking to see him selling Indian crackers called "parpal" in his hometown in the midst of despair. It reminds us of Indian society, where even the brightest are forced to abandon their studies. Arnand's classes are not just for getting into college. It is about letting students experience the joy and wonder of learning, which in turn leads to the joy of living. This film will fascinate you with Arnand, his students, and their willingness to overcome any obstacle. Editorial Department, Fumiko Umeyama

Meiku Nagano's anger and tearful passion leave a bad aftertaste.

The film "My Broken Egg" will be released on September 30.

Meiku Nagano is known for her calm public image. She smokes cigarettes while wearing a gaggle of gussets and a mata, and yells at her boss, "Shut up, you bastard!" and yells at ・・・・・・. She plays Shino (originally written by Waka Hirako), who sets out on a journey to mourn her lost friend Mariko (Nao).

In contrast to Mariko, who was terrified of her father from an early age and committed suicide, Shino is more robust and somewhat self-conscious than Mariko. The story revolves around Mariko's frustration with her father and her inability to save herself. When Shino brings Mariko's remains home, she is ready to "stab him in the back," and Shino's anger explodes. It is a scene of unspeakable horror. It conveys the preciousness of being angry at someone. The journey ends with a bittersweet sensation of being slightly beaten and exhilarated.