Korean Drama "Sisters" Cast and Synopsis [Summary].

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Korean Drama "Sisters" to be Distributed on Netflix

Cast and synopsis (summary) of the Korean drama Sisters.

Netflix Netflix Series "Sisters" available exclusively on Netflix!

Netflix's Korean drama "Sisters" is now available.

Here is the synopsis of the suspense drama "Sisters" by Kim Hee-won, also known for her roles as Nam Ji-hyun and Park Ji-hoo.

(Oh In-joo is an accountant at a company.

Oh In Kyung is a reporter. Oh In Hye is a special student at an art high school. They struggle to move on with their lives without getting involved with the powers that be.

Oh In-joo.


The Netflix series "Sisters" is available exclusively on Netflix. The eldest daughter of

People, who are forced to live in poverty due to debts inherited from their parents.

She earned an accountancy degree from junior college. She is currently divorced. She dreams of living a rich life with her sister, but is led by Hwa-young (a senior employee of the company) to get involved in a conspiracy.

Kim Go-eun (Actress)
Born in July 1991

Her role as the main character in "Dokkebi" was a big hit. She appeared in "Cheese in the Trap," "The Emperor's School," "Yumi's Cell," etc.

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Oh In-kyung


The Netflix series "Sisters" is available exclusively on Netflix. Park Jae-sang, an elite Korean lawyer, hates the news and follows her. Her grandmother is a longtime friend.

She is played by Nam Ji-hyun.
Born in September 1995. Her acting credits include "Shopping King Louie," "Lovers of Destiny," and "100 Days of Mr. Lok Yeon.

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Oh In Hye


Exclusive Netflix Series "Sisters

Probably the youngest of two sisters.

Although she is the youngest sister, she is a scholarship student at an art school. If she meets certain conditions, she can receive support from her classmate Hyo-rin. She is considering studying abroad.

Park Ji-hoo
Born in November 2003.

His main film is "Hachidori." "Now Our School... ". He has attracted attention for his role as Nam Onjo in "Hummingbirds.

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People Surrounding the Sisters.

Choi Do-il as Wee Ha-jung

A mysterious money launderer stands in In-joo's way.

In-joo is approached with a story.

Jung-ho, played by Kang Hoon.
In-kyung has an old friend, and the two meet again after a long time. In-kyung finds support from him as she pursues the mystery of Park Jae-sang.

Jin Hwa-young, played by Joo Ja-hyun
In-joo was his senior at work.

Many mysteries remain.

Park Jae-sang played by Ohm Ki-joon
He is an elite lawyer who has achieved great success and is running for mayor of Seoul.

He is running for mayor of Seoul.

His dark side is revealed in ・・・・・・.

Won Ki-seon is her father, a former military man.

Park Hyo-rin is played by Jung Chae-woong.
She is the daughter of Won Sang-ah and Park Jae-sang and a classmate of In-hye.

Played by Kim Mi-suk as Oh Hye-sook
She is the great aunt of all the sisters.

She is wealthier than her sisters and loves In-kyung very much.

Director Shin Oh Jung-se
Played by In-joo.

Won Sang-woo played by Lee Min-woo.
Son of Won Ki-seong and brother of Won Sang-ah.

Kong Min-jung, played by Jang Mari
In-kyung, a senior broadcaster

When examining Park Jae-sang, he gives In-kyung a stern opinion.

Ko. Park Bo-kyung.
He is hired by Park Jae-sang to keep an eye on In-joo.

Park Ji-yeon is the sisters' mother.
In-joo's mother is her sister, who goes home to spend the money her daughters have saved.

Prefer being a person rather than a mother.

Other characters Won

Ki Seong
Father of Wong Sang Ah

Yang Hyang-seok
A person whom Ran took care of before Hwayoung, and a suspect in taking out company funds.

He is already dead.