Cast and synopsis of "Atom's Child" starring Kento Yamazaki [summary].

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Atom's Child" starring Kento Yamazaki will be broadcast on TBS. Its cast and episodes will start on March 16. *The official name of "Saki" in Kento Yamazaki is "Tatsusaki".

Cast and Synopsis of "Children of Atom" starring Kento Yamazaki

On March 16, the story and cast of "Atom's Child," a Sunday theater series starring Kento Yamazaki in the lead role from 9:00pm to 11:30pm, will begin.


The story takes place in the game industry, where a young genius game developer, played by Yamazaki. While confronting an investment company, he grows through interaction with others. The original screenplay is by Marie Kamimori. She is a screenwriter known for her works such as "Itadakimasu, This Love, Itadakimasu," "The Family of Sunshine," and "Partners. The film was directed by Shingo Okamoto of "Fight Song" (2022). Yamazaki will be making his Sunday theater debut since 2017's "Rikuoh," in which he will also star.

Nayuta Yamazaki (Kento Yamazaki) is an "indie" game designer who develops games without the help of sales companies or major corporations. Since no one knows his true identity, he goes by the name "John Doe" and is nicknamed the "Banksy" of the video game industry. Atom Toys, a well-known toy manufacturer, tracked him down. Atom Toys was on the verge of going out of business due to price competition from overseas. To save the company, he made a fresh start and entered the game production business. With no money and no knowledge, Atom asks for help from Nayuta and struggles to solve his financial difficulties.

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Nayuta Yamazaki as Nayuta: Azimi Nayuta

An "indie" game developer who creates games on his own without the help of major companies or sales companies. Known as "John Doe," he is called the "Banksy of the game industry" because no one knows his true identity. However, after an incident, he quit game development and now works at an auto body shop. He is a fan and collector of "Atom Toys," a long-established toy manufacturer.

Kohei Matsushita as Hayato Sugo

An important character who knows the past of Nayuta, a genius game developer.

Koya Ogata (Koya Ogata / Shuntaro Yanagi) *The "Yanagi" in "Shuntaro Yanagi" is officially a single stroke on a tree.

A friend who has a great influence on Nayukihei. He is pure and has a strong sense of responsibility. He is also involved in the story "young genius game developer vs. big capital company.

Kanae Ogata, played by Naho Toda.

Kimiya's mother, who knows about Nayuta and Hayato's past.

Akira Sagara, played by Genri

A publisher who sells games to independent developers. A longtime friend of Hayato, he is involved in the sales and production of Atom Toys' games.

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Atom Toys

Yuki Kishii as Umi Tominaga

The only daughter of the president of "Atom," a long-established toy manufacturer that designs and produces capsule toys. She hates the family business because she rebelled against her father, who only chased after his dreams, and got a job in the loan department of Yayoi Bank. However, she decides to take over the business in order to rebuild Atom, which was in danger of going out of business due to price competition from overseas.

Shigeo Tominaga (partly played by Morio Kazama).

Shigeo Tominaga is the second president of Atom Toys. Although a small company, he has made Japan's exquisite craftsmanship known to the world. His dream is to create toys that would be placed in the Louvre Museum.

Eiji Kagami (played by Muga Tsukaji)

He is the sculptor behind the technology of Atom Toys. He produces figures for capsule toys and also mentors junior staff.

Kengo Yaegashi (played by Denden).

Senior Managing Director of Atom Toys. He is the lifeblood of the company and takes pride in his work. He is also the "grandpa" of the sea.

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SAGAS IT Company

Akihiko Okayasu (as Joseph Odagiri)

He is also the president of SAGAS (an Internet search company that supports Nayuta). An entrepreneur, he founded the company while still in college. He established his company while still in college and grew it into the largest IT company in Japan. Recently, he has been focusing on online games; SAGAS has been called the "black vessel" of the game industry by established game companies.

Makoto Yoshizaki (Actor: Shinji Rokkaku)

Secretary to the president of SAGAS.

Yayoi Bank

Kenyu Oyamada (Actor: Sarutoki Mikawa).

Manager of Yayoi Bank's Kanda branch. Yayoi Bank is the main bank of Atom Toys and SAGAS.

Masaru Ide (played in part by Toru Baba).

A loan officer at Yayoi Bank. He is a reliable senior colleague of Umi's and an expert on the game industry.

Net Game Cafe

Satoshi Mita (played in part by Dai Okabe).

The manager of the Internet cafe that Nayuta rents. He was Nayuta's senior in school and is one of the few people who knows that Nayuta is a "John Doe."

Yui Sugino (played by Ai Iinuma).

Morita is looking for a part-time job to run the Internet cafe.