Solo interviews with the cast and crew of "Jurassic World: The New Reign" [Summary].

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Jurassic World: The New Reign of Terror

Jurassic World" is currently playing in theaters nationwide. Starring Chris Pratt, Sam Neill ("Jurassic Park" returns), and other actors and director Colin Trevorrow. Director Colin Trevorrow and his crew discuss their thoughts on the filming and the final film.

Jurassic World: A New Reign" Cast and Crew Solo Interviews (summary).

The film "Jurassic World - The New Reign," currently in theaters nationwide, features lead actor Chris Pratt, returning series star Sam Neill (from "Jurassic Park"), and director Colin Trevorrow. They also share their thoughts and behind-the-scenes stories about the previous film. Here are interviews with the cast and producers. Interview by Takuya Kuramoto, Editor.

Chris Pratt (as Owen)

Chris Pratt has played Owen since the first "Jurassic World. In his latest film, Pratt talked about his view of the world where dinosaurs and humans are intermingled. He also talked about the initial cast, who are all returning after 29 years.

Jurassic World: The New Reign," the ideal conclusion after 30 years.

Crippler and Bryce were thrilled to have the entire cast of "Jurassic World" back.

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Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire

Bryce Dallas Howard, who played the heroine Claire in the "Jurassic World" series, took on hard action scenes in the latest film. She revealed a behind-the-scenes story about how she was "covered in bruises all over" during the filming.

Bruises all over my body... In "Jurassic World," the heroine competes with Tom Cruise's superb action.

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Sam Neill (played by Alan Grant)

Sam Neill reprises his role as Dr. Alan Grant, the heroine of the first "Jurassic World" film. She talked about her thoughts on returning to the series and the episode when she visited Japan for the first film.

Sam Neill on his appearance in "Jurassic World. Grant regrets his relationship with Ellie, and his thoughts on his return to directing after 21 years.

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Laura Dern on Ellie Sattler.

Laura Dern returns to the role of Dr. Ellie Sattler in "Jurassic Park" after nearly 21 years. The director shared her thoughts about her return and her thoughts for the next generation of "Jurassic Park" fans.

Laura Dern talks about her return to "Jurassic World" after 21 years, the film's ending, and what she thinks a new generation of audiences will think of the film.

Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm

Following his last film, "Jurassic World: Kingdom of Fire," Jeff Goldblum will now play the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm. Jeff told us that he will "never play Dr. Malcolm again" and shared his thoughts on the character and the film's hidden gems.

Jeff Goldblum said that Malcolm will be his last appearance in "Jurassic World" and that he is sad to say goodbye to the role he has played for the past 29 years.

The latest "Jurassic World" film will include a bit of Dr. Malcolm's famous breast plate scene!

Isabella Salmon as Maisie

Isabella Salmon made her acting debut in "Jurassic World. Kingdom of Fire" as Maisie. She talks about the changes since the release of her last film, Maisie in her latest film, and the genre she would like to try as an actor in the future.

In the movie, you'll see the beautiful girl from "Jurassic World." Maisie, a closer look at the real face of Isabella Salmon.

Director Colin Trevorrow

Colin Trevorrow returns to direct his latest film, "Jurassic World," and confesses why he brought back the initial cast after 29 years. He also shared an episode about Steven Spielberg, the creator of the series.

The reunion of the original cast of "Jurassic World" after 29 years is cause for celebration. It was a return to the roots envisioned in the previous film.

Steve Broussat, paleontologist/consultant

Steve Broussat, paleontologist and consultant on the latest film, will explain his role in the production. He also talks about the current state of dinosaur research and Japan.

A paleontologist who loves Japan talks about "Jurassic World" dinosaur research.

Mr. John Nolan, Animatronics Supervisor

Mr. John Nolan created the animatronics that are an integral part of the "Jurassic" series. He talked about the animatronics of the new dinosaur Giganotosaurus and the difficulties he faced during the Corona disaster.

Jurassic World": It took three months to create the new head of Giganotosaurus, the world's largest dinosaur. Animatronics production secret story

David Vickery (VFX Supervisor).

The VFX supervisor for this film was David Vickery of ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), one of the world's leading VFX studios. We spoke with him about the T-REX model that the director was particular about and aimed to return to his roots, as well as the VFX production at Corona Disaster.

Talking with the VFX supervisor about the production of "Jurassic World" and the restoration of the T-REX model from 29 years ago.

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