Summer Vacation Movie Special 2022 - Theatrical Japanese Films

Hyou| 2022-10-24
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Enjoy movies at your favorite cinema during the hot summer! This year's Japanese films include classics, sequels, comic book originals, and original works.

Summer Movie Special 2022: Japanese Films to Watch at the Cinema

In the summer heat, enjoy a movie at the cinema. This year's Japanese films range from classics to sequels, comic book originals, and originals. Whether you want to experience the excitement of action or weep at the unfortunate ending, there is something for everyone.

Toson Shimazaki's immortal masterpiece has been made into a movie for the first time in 60 years.

The film will be released in theaters!
Director Kazuo Maeda
Cast Shoutaro Mamiya, Anna Ishii, Yuma Yamamoto
119 min.

Following Keisuke Kinoshita's 1958 film and Kon Ichikawa's 1962 film, this is the first film adaptation of Shimazaki Toson's immortal masterpiece. Starring Shoutarou Miya. Kazuo Maeda, whose role as a yankee in the drama "Namba MG5" is also fresh in the memory, directed the film. The film depicts discrimination in society and its everyday life through Segawa Ushimatsu's struggle to hide his Buraku background. Segawa, an elementary school teacher, is adored by his students. However, when his roots are revealed and his friend, a thinker, is attacked by thugs, he decides to tell everyone. Mamiya's performance, full of tension and transparency, and the sadness of his feelings for the woman at his boarding house (which is beautifully conveyed by the exchange of glances) highlight the absurdity and sadness in the story. although the story was written over 100 years ago, the themes are still relevant today as discrimination continues to exist in various forms.

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In order to achieve his goal of becoming a great general, he must fight against his neighbor, Wei Wei.

Kingdom 2: To the Faraway Land" is now in theaters.
Directed by Shinsuke Sato
Cast. Kento Yamazaki, Ryo Yoshizawa, Kanna Hashimoto
134 min.

Shinsuke Sato directs the sequel to his film "Chinese Autumn and Autumn Warring States Period" to be released in 2019. The film is based on a comic book about Nobu, a war orphan who aspires to become a military commander in China's Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, and the young king Ying Mai, who becomes the first emperor of Qin. The film depicts the struggles of Nobu, who becomes an infantryman in the midst of a conflict with his neighbor, Wei. The main cast remains intact with the addition of veteran actors Etsushi Toyokawa and Hiroshi Tamaki as Nobu, and Ryo Yoshizawa and Koichi Sato as Eisho. Rising star Kiyochi Yanai plays the popular swordsman Qiang Qiang, and you will be overwhelmed by the strength of the people desperately trying to survive, symbolized by the theme song "Ikiroro" by Mr. Children.

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A sad but sweet love story about a girl who has lost her memory and a boy who keeps it.

Tonight, When This Love Vanishes from the World" will be released in theaters on July 25.
Director:Takahiro Miki
Cast:Shunsuke Michieda, Riko Fukumoto, Kotone Furukawa
120 min.

A film adaptation of Misaki Ichijo's popular novel. Tsukikawa Sha of "Kimi no Pancreas wo Tabetai" (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas) wrote the screenplay. Music is by Takahiro Miki of "Boku wa tsuyoshi kimi to tomorrwo ni yonetsu no kimi to shite" and Seiji Kameda of "Ito" (Ito). Both are masters of this love story. Maori agrees to Toru's fake confession in order to end bullying at school. He also promises her that he will not be serious. Just when it seems this fake love affair is about to blossom, Maori is told that Toru suffers from an incurable disease called "anterograde dementia," which causes him to lose all memory in one night. Toru has another secret. Shunsuke Mizueeda of "Naniwa Dango" plays the role of Toru in his first starring role in a film. Riko Fukumoto, who plays Maori, also co-stars in "The Missing First Love." It is a sad story that makes you not believe how precious every day is.

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It is the story of a boy who experiences pain and meets lonely people. He grows up.

The film " Zenbu, Boku no Seisaku " opens in theaters on August 11.
Directed by Yusaku Matsumoto.
Cast. Haruto Shiratori, Suzuharu Kawashima, Marika Matsumoto
121 min.

A shocking film about a boy's struggle for love in the midst of modern society, it also depicts the bond between three single men and women. An original film directed by Yusaku Mamatsumoto. He also directed the independent film "Noise Noise," which took the world by storm. Yuta leaves the orphanage and finds a place to live in a coastal town. However, he is not allowed to. Sakamoto picks him up and takes him to a shelter. While sleeping in a truck, he meets Shiori. The two spend peaceful days sharing their loneliness, but one day it is too late. Haruto Shiratori plays Yuta in his first starring role. Suzuharu Kawashima portrays Shiori's depression with a disturbing air. Odagiri Joe, who shows deep sadness in a friendly way, stands firmly behind Sakamoto and the young actors. It is a moving scene filled with sadness.

The Adventures of an Awkward Couple: a Villain and a Defective Robot

TANGTANG" opens in cinemas August 11.
Directed by. Takahiro Miki
Cast Kazunari Ninomiya, Hikari Mitsushima, Mikako Ichikawa
115 min.

Film adaptation of the English novel "Robot in the Garden. Written and directed by Takahiro Miki of "Soui, Furie, Fuse" fame. Ken is a useless man who has been abandoned by his wife. He sets out on a journey to get Tang, an old amnesiac robot that wandered into his garden, repaired. However, Tang has a secret that could change the course of the entire world. Directed by Takahiro Miki of "Sou, Soureru, Furie, Furie" fame. Kazuya Ninomiya plays Ken. His wife is played by Hikari Mitsushima. You will be drawn in by the light tempo and speedy development of Ken and Tan, and the retro VFX by the Hakugumi team of "STAND BY MY Doraemon". An emotional fantasy adventure about the rebirth of one person and one car.

Set in the year 2025, this comedy follows a group of unreasonable and adversarial high school ball players.

Opens in theaters on August 11.
Director Ken Iizuka
Cast Torataro Daigo, Mario Kuroba, Ryusuke Komakine
99 min.

Iizuka, who wrote and directed "Hinomaru Soul: Heroes Behind", adapted Tetsuro Kuromatsu's comic to film. This is an anachronistic heartwarming comedy about the sweat and tears of high school baseball players that is inevitably hilarious. Teppei Kuroda bids farewell to junior high school baseball. He had planned to make his high school debut. However, his hopes are dashed when he inadvertently accepts an invitation from a friend from his team. He is a man with a beard and a peculiar look. Kuroda is played by Torataro Taga, the voice actor for "The Weather Boy. Mario Kuroba, the lead voice actor for "Weather Child," plays Kuroda. Hitoshi Ozawa is the King and Queen of V-Cinema. Masahiro Takashima is the manager of the baseball team. He refuses to follow orders. The images are shocking and surprising, but you will be encouraged by their smiles.

An old-fashioned coming-of-age film that tells the story of a summer spent with family in the 1980s.

The film " Sabakan" (Sabakan) opens in theaters on August 19.
Director Tomoki Kanazawa
CastBangasa Ichiro, Harada Hiroyuki, Ono Machiko
96 min.

This coming-of-age story of friendship and family love tells the story of two teenage boys in 1980s Nagasaki. This is the first feature film by Tomoki Kozawa, based on his childhood memories. Takemoto (Tasuku Harada), who makes fun of Hisada's poverty in class, invites Hisada to see dolphins on a nearby island. The two meet there and spend the rest of the summer together. This fresh film marks the first film appearances of Fumiya Harada and Pistol Makihara. Tsuyoshi Kusanagi's narration as Hisada is mature, and his appearance gently envelops the film. It is a love story that makes you want to go back in time and revive your childhood memories.

A cute girl works part-time as a hitman while attending a vocational school.

Violent action" opens in theaters on August 19.
Director: Ichiro Ruto
Cast: Kanna Hashimoto, Harusuke Sugino, Takashi Suzuka
112 min.

An entertaining film adaptation of Kanna Hashimoto's comic directed by Toichiro Ruto. His previous works include "Ossan's Love. Hashimoto plays Kei, a girl with loose-fitting pink hair who works part-time at a vocational school. However, her real job is a hitman. A group of yakuza ask her to kill Terano. Honoka is in love with Terano! Takashi Okamura (Shunsuke), Takashi Okamura, and Yu Shirota play Terano. Takashi Okamura is accompanied by Takashi Okamura. Takashi Okamura appears as Takashi Okamura. Takashi Okamura plays the role of Takashi Okamura. Takashi Okamura portrays Takashi Okamura. Takashi Suzuka, Fumikaba, Win Morisaki, and Yu Shirota. Hashimoto said, "This film is the most exciting film I have ever seen. " he said. Scenes from the film use Japan's state-of-the-art "volumetric capture" filming technology. We hope you enjoy the excitement and unexpected thrills of this film.

The courage of a dog who lost his voice is a source of strength for those who have been hurt.

How" opens in theaters August 19
Directed by. Isshin Ido
Starring. Kei Tanaka, Eliza Ikeda, Beck

118 min.

A touching film about dogs and humans, based on an original script and story by Hiroshi Saito. Directed by Shiro Inudo. After Tamio's marriage ends, he meets Howe, a shelter dog who cannot bark. They spend warm days together, but Howe is injured in an accident and goes elsewhere. This film tells the story of Howe's interaction with people as he embarks on a long journey to find Tamio. It also depicts Tamio's rebirth with the help of his friends. Kei Tanaka plays the role of the naive and clumsy Tamio. Howe's performance as the talented and loving Inubek is a masterstroke. Yuriko Ishida provides a touching narration. You will be moved by Howe's gentle yet sad storyline.

Unexpectedly, the devil detective is transferred to the police!

Police Band. New Personnel Changes Opening August 26
Directed by. Eiji Uchida
Cast: Hiroshi, Seina, Yuto Isomura
119 min.

A drama-drama film with a humanistic touch. Original screenplay and original idea by Eiji Uchida. He also directed the critically acclaimed "Midnight Swan. The lead role is played by Hiroshi Abe. Naruse is an aggressive and outdated detective who is separated from his colleagues and assigned to the band. Naruse is disappointed by the inept members of the police band and their exclusion from the investigation. ....... Abe tries his hand at drumming for the first time. Takashi Yanase and Mahiro Takasugi worked hard on their instruments and performed without dubbing. The synchronization between the performance and the arrest in the second half of the film is quite spectacular. The synchronization of the performance and the arrest of the criminal in the second half of the film is amazing. This film shows us how music can regenerate a person's life. Makoto Narazaki composed the theme song "Choral A" for Official Bearded Baron Dism. He used to play saxophone in the Shimane Prefectural Police Band.

What will happen to Akira and Akira competing in Megabank?

Akira & Akira" opens in theaters on August 26.
Directed by. Takahiro Miki
Cast Ryoma Takeuchi, Ryusei Yokohama, Kaito Takahashi
128 min.

A gritty human drama directed by Takahiro Miki. The cast includes Ryoma Yamazaki and Ryusei Yokohama. Based on the original story by Jun Ikeido, the bestselling author of the national drama "Hanzawa Naoki. Akira Yamazaki is a banker who wants to help people. Akira Kaido is a sergeant at a large corporation and an uncooperative colleague. Akira comes to terms with Kaido, who has become the president of the company, in order to save the group from serious financial difficulties. Together, they face the difficult situation. Ikeido's works are famous for the fierce battles between men. They are passionately portrayed by Kazuya Kojima and Yusuke Santamaria. You will be moved by the passion that Takeuchi=Akira and Yokohama=Akira show as they work together with sparks flying and then turn the tables.